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  1. I recently got a bigger nozzle size for my UMO+ (0.8 mm) for some quick prints. I imagine that using different nozzle sizes is quite common. How did you manage to adjust the nozzle size in Cura 2.7?
  2. Thank you! The last video was awesome! I made a mistake on the assembly of the feeder. The lever was too tight and was not sliding to secure the clamp. I hope this solves my issue. I will come back to you, hopefully with some printings!
  3. Hi guys, I am a mechanical design engineer and recently I bought a UMO+. I am having a lot of trouble with grinding of the filament. For setting up the tension on the feeder. I heated up the nozzle to 210C and released all the tension from the feeder. Then, manually started to move the feeder wheel and tension up the spring until some filament was extruded. At this point, I can see some marks on the filaments running through the bowden cable. (IDK if this is normal) I can print some parts, without retraction, if they are under 3 hours. I tried to print a 6 hours print today and it s
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