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  1. I am the kind of person that upgrades to the newest software avail. I am using this on MAC OS I downloaded CURA 3.1 and tried to use it with my UMO+. As soon as I started the software it asked what printer I was using. I put that info in and it wanted to do a system check. Everything worked in the first window as it should..... then I thought i should do a bed level with the new software..... that is when it got weird. It went through the leveling process as usual BUT it was hovering 10mm or so higher than the print bed. I went back to v2.3.2 and it leveled out perfect. ANY THOUGH
  2. I have had a UMO+ go from great prints to Extreme under Extruded overnight. I have had great success with the trouble shooting area of the Ultimaker site in the past. NO LUCK this time. I have tried everything on there as well as some other suggestions from the "google" I have only messed with PLA and Carbon Fiber What I have tried with NO change: 1. Change Settings Hotter extruder and cooler extruder 2. Change material, different PLA, then Carbon Fiber 3. New extruder tip (three different ones) 4. New insulator 5. Whole new Hot end 6. Cleaned Feeder(bowden) tube(did not replace
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