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  1. I tried "printing" the gcode file as you suggested and once again there was no change in the scaling. Mechanically there seems to be nothing wrong and this scaling problem has existed since the machine was new. It is unfortunate that the firmware doesn't allow for scaling. I have an inexpensive Creality CR-7 that has scaling parameters and it works perfectly. I also tried changing the g-code flavor to marlin and added the start g-code and the results were the same, no change. I guess for now we are stuck with scaling the model in Cura each time.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. I left the default which was Ultimaker 2 since I am not too familiar with the subject. Can I use a different flavor that will use the start gcode without affecting other functions? Marlin, RepRap?
  3. A much belated thanks but I this is a printer at my work and as much as I would love to try this, I'm not sure I want to chance screwing up the controller. Paul
  4. Our UM2+ where I work has been out of calibration by about -2.5% (20mm cube prints as 19.5mm) in the y direction since day one. Scaling each and every part in Cura is a pain. So, I tried putting "M92 Y82.05" in the "Start Gcode" field to scale it up using 80 steps/mm as the baseline. I'm actually not sure that 80 steps/mm is the proper baseline so please correct me if i"m wrong. In any case, it seems to be ignored. The print comes out exactly the same size as without. I also tried using Cura via USB and sending the gcode directly to the printer. Upon pressing "send gcode", the printer display
  5. The parameters can be changed once the material type is selected but can they then be saved to the existing PLA, ABS, etc. profile? If so, how? Thanks!
  6. We have problems with our company's UM2+E printer that has existed since is came out of the box. Please excuse me if I sound completely exasperated...because I am. 1. The Extruder - the plastic drive gear was broken and constantly slipped and as a result produced prints that, at best, had layers that pulled apart but usually ended up as spaghetti. Why is this gear plastic on a $3K+ machine? We printed a new gear on a small ($400) machine that actually produces nice parts and installed it. It fixed the problem. However, over the course of the next year we have had limited success with this mac
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