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  1. I have a 3D model that isn't slicing correctly. The problem shows up in both Cura and Slic3r. When being previewed in both slicers it looks correct, and it is complete. But when I look at the slices, portions of the model are entirely missing. Both Cura and Slic3r do the same thing. The model is of a stair/ladder, and what is missing are the handrails and other parts. (in the photos below, notice the lack of hand railing for the ladder.) Here is the STL model as it appears in Cura: Here is the model when it is sliced (showing support material.) Notice the lack of handrails. This is the STL model in Slic3r: Again, the railing is missing when sliced:
  2. Is it possible in Cura 2.3 to support other printers that are not listed? How would that be done and how are they then specified?
  3. In Cura I am using the "Raft" option. The raft sticks perfectly to the baseplate. But the printed object is so weakly attached to the raft that it comes off sometimes during printing. What setting would allow me to better attach my printed design to the raft? There must be a setting that determines how well connected the object is to the raft. Thanks!
  4. I am trying to use Cura 2.1.3 with a Monoprice Mini 3D printer. There is no profile for this printer. So I selected a different printer under "Other" and tried using that. The problem is that when starting to print the head "grinds" at the far back, far right corner (opposite the "home" position in the front left.). This leads me to believe that the printing is off the extreme of the Monoprice printer. Perhaps the printer I chose had a larger platform. I have tried placing the print in different corners of the platform, but basically I get the same results, although with different pitches of buzzing as the printer hits the end-stops. How can I specify or change the settings of the build platform in Cura? Or, how can I set it for the Monoprice Mini printer? Is there some way of diagnosing this problem? Any advice on this? Thank you very much.
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