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  1. Morning, I've previously installed the upgrade kit and has worked awesome for some time. We've had a recent mishap where the ID threads for the nozzles have been contaminated with PLA. It's been cleaned since, but I'm curious: If I want to replace that head, what part would I order? Is it essentially the Olsson block? Thanks
  2. So it wasn't so much the bed leveling. However it was build plate calibration. Even when you follow the instructions, there is a difference between a loose/subtle fit between the nozzle (with the card) and a snug/tight fit. Once I adjusted it to a tight fit, my target values were pretty much right on the designed values.
  3. I've recently upgraded the 2 to a 2+. Machine is working fine so I'm looking at accuracy over a variety of conditions (nozzle/speed). One thing I'm seeing consistently so far is the parts coming out thicker then designed (Z-Axis): * Designed .125" thick comes in at .136" ± .001 * Designed .025" thick comes in at .033" ± .002 * Designed .050" thick comes in at .057" ± .001 * Designed .100" thick comes in at .110" ± .001 I'm running PLA. Version 15.04.6ex Is this the expected variation in the machine? Since it's so consistent but on the high side, I'm wondering if there is a tweak whic
  4. Hi all, We are seeing the “Heater Error” on our Ultimaker 2 - extended display. In going through the troubleshooting guide: • Latest Firmware (Cura 15.04.6) installed • Nozzle/Fan assembly disassembled, cleaned and reassembled. • Confirmed that Heater and Sensor were properly installed. • Nozzle clear of fan bracket. Also, • Went into advanced settings and set the nozzle temperature to 50°C; no increase/movement in readout temperature (≈ 30-45 seconds) and then “Heater Error” appears. I assume there my be several other steps to troubleshoot the root cause (resistance of heater, PC bo
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