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  1. Morning, I've previously installed the upgrade kit and has worked awesome for some time. We've had a recent mishap where the ID threads for the nozzles have been contaminated with PLA. It's been cleaned since, but I'm curious: If I want to replace that head, what part would I order? Is it essentially the Olsson block? Thanks
  2. So it wasn't so much the bed leveling. However it was build plate calibration. Even when you follow the instructions, there is a difference between a loose/subtle fit between the nozzle (with the card) and a snug/tight fit. Once I adjusted it to a tight fit, my target values were pretty much right on the designed values.
  3. I've recently upgraded the 2 to a 2+. Machine is working fine so I'm looking at accuracy over a variety of conditions (nozzle/speed). One thing I'm seeing consistently so far is the parts coming out thicker then designed (Z-Axis): * Designed .125" thick comes in at .136" ± .001 * Designed .025" thick comes in at .033" ± .002 * Designed .050" thick comes in at .057" ± .001 * Designed .100" thick comes in at .110" ± .001 I'm running PLA. Version 15.04.6ex Is this the expected variation in the machine? Since it's so consistent but on the high side, I'm wondering if there is a tweak which may get the average closer to the target... Thanks..
  4. Hi all, We are seeing the “Heater Error” on our Ultimaker 2 - extended display. In going through the troubleshooting guide: • Latest Firmware (Cura 15.04.6) installed • Nozzle/Fan assembly disassembled, cleaned and reassembled. • Confirmed that Heater and Sensor were properly installed. • Nozzle clear of fan bracket. Also, • Went into advanced settings and set the nozzle temperature to 50°C; no increase/movement in readout temperature (≈ 30-45 seconds) and then “Heater Error” appears. I assume there my be several other steps to troubleshoot the root cause (resistance of heater, PC board, etc…). Would anyone have some additional checks to go through before determining what replacement part(s) we may need. Thanks Paul
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