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  1. I did it with 2.3 Thank you @DaHai8. Could you please guide (or help) me generate for bed 200x200x300, it's my delta bed size? Thank you again !
  2. Yes, I modified your json a little because I found some errors on log file (cura.log) 1. Version : 2-> 1 2. platform: use prusai3 stl file. Here is mine: { "id": "aurora_a3", "version": 1, "name": "Aurora A3", "inherits": "fdmprinter", "visible": true, "author": "Zhu Da Hai", "manufacturer": "Other", "category": "Other", "file_formats": "text/x-gcode", "icon": "icon_ultimaker2", "platform": "prusai3_platform.stl", "overrides": { "machine_heated_bed": { "default_value": true }, "machine_width": { "defau
  3. I can't choose your printer after add this json file to Cura folder. I also try to replace code in defined profiles but nothing changes. Am I wrong at something ?
  4. Hi DaHai8, I tried your guide but nothing changes, Could you please share your json file ? Thanks.
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