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  1. Thanks for the replies all, I didn't see them until I logged in this afternoon Nallath, may I ask, is there a fairly short list of files that I could at least copy over to my home machine that would sync me up manually? I have already fiddled around with such an approach, but I saw I was a little inconsistent with what settings copied over with what files. Also, I attempted at RIGHT on the day the new version was released to coincide with the UM3, so I would up with an older but 'synced' version of Cura on my machine alongside the new Cura by accident.
  2. Any easy way to ensure my Cura materials and settings are sync'd for two or more PC installations? I have Ultimakers (2+) used in 3 locations that I am trying to unify as best as possible. I want more than one PC to be able to quickly slice parts for print for them, but I have to manually keep all the settings sync'd. --Jim--
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