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  1. why is it really really slow to slice? like REALLY slow
  2. Dana


    this may be an optical illusion or it may be that the infill % is not working correctly, look that the difference between 25 and 26 % 20 25 26 30 can anyone confirm??
  3. Hello I just fount a really bad bug on my Ultimaker 2+ this has actually happened twice, the first time I thought I had moved the spinwheel or done something wrong but not this time.... I am printing with PETG so on warm up I wanted to give a few extra seconds for the filament to heat up and flow better so after selecting the print the build plate heats up then the nozzle heats up and just as it almost reached temperature and the hotend started moving I hit pause, this caused the steppers to go into a fit, it all happened so fast I cant really say what happe
  4. is there that option? every time I update its a new installation and the old version remains until I uninstall it
  5. and can you explain how the settings either material, print profiles or advanced settings end up on the printer? is it in the Gcode regardless of which Gcode flavor?? thanks
  6. what is a "quality profiles" I dont see quality profiles anywhere in Cura do you mean default and custom print setting profiles?
  7. why do I always lose my print profiles and materials when updating (replacing with new version)? why does Cura not update like a normal program??
  8. Dear mechamecha can you please start your own thread with your own specific questions? you have hijacked this and its moving off topic thanks
  9. thats a nice solution but this has only happened to me once ie the last print, the firmware has not been updated on the printer, the only possible difference is new Cura and normally I use Merlin settings but didnt this time, this time I used a configured profile, is there anywhere I can download profiles?
  10. Hi All, I have just tried make a fast print profile and found that for the first time at the start of a print it extrudes in the front left corner as usual but then the build plate raises crashing the nozzle into the extruded filament before moving to the start of the print taking the coil of extrusion with it. This has never happened before and unfortunately just before I thought of asking on the forum I deleted the profile, I still have a GCode for that print if it helps isolate the issue, the profile had quite a lot of changes to the settings!! also I only have the t
  11. this is excellent, thanks for letting me know, its really changed my printing although I have to do some serious tweaks to my print profiles. also I cannot seem to save a customer profile from current settings, it goes through the motions just doesn't save it...
  12. I will try and make it in PETG, I think that will be better and look better
  13. Hi Geert, I think of static but I would expect it to discharge and damage the board permanently, I also tried to flee the board outside of the box but nothing really happened, I will get a meeter and see whats actually happening, this could change my design somewhat or at least my material (if I can figure out these material profile thingies) Dan
  14. Hi All, does anyone know or has anyone had any experience with Polymax being conductive? I built a box for an Arduino and if its in the box it will not load a sketch (program) I thought it could be squeezing the bird and opening a dry joint but it will only work with a bit of card in the bottom, really the only thing it could be is the pins on the bottom shorting out this really surprised me as I would have expected it to be insulating, I do not have a multimeter to hand here to test it out, would be interested if anyone knows or can recommend other materials that are not conductiv
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