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  1. Could you share some photo's of what your first layer looks like? Thanks! Hi this is photo. What do you think?
  2. Could you share some photo's of what your first layer looks like? Thanks! For now I made the adjustment by eye. The first layer looks perfect, we must see the measures of the piece if they are correct. Tonight I update you.
  3. Hi gr5. I followed your guide, but with my printer seems to not work. When printing the first layer I see that there is little material in the platen.
  4. Hi guys, I own Ultimaker 3 and unfortunately I can't calibrate the platen. Can someone help me. Thank you all.
  5. Hello everyone. I called my dealer, with plenty of availability, send me all the spare parts to restore the printer. Very well I would say.
  6. I know that I have to contact my dealer, but this question to find out why this happens. It is not normal to such a thing, especially when a printer costs 3600,00€.
  7. Hello to all. Unfortunately I get back here talking to expose another issue concerning my Ultimaker 3. While I was doing a press, known of the extruder jumps, control and I see those cracks that are visible from the pictures that I post. I am sorry that this happens, I hope you can help me. Thank you.
  8. Thanks for the reply. Now I will try your advice. If I can end the printing I'll let you know if everything went well.
  9. Hello. They are not at all happy with this printer. I think to sell it as soon as possible.
  10. Hello. How software uses Cura 2.3.1. The PVA I am using is the Formfutura, but also with the PVA Ultimaker giving me the same problems. The problem of yarn ruined I solved it by unscrewing the screw of the push thread.
  11. Ok guys, I have bad news. I am printing an object, until a few minutes ago okay, now the PVA does not go out from the extruder. I am attaching a photo.
  12. OK guys. I followed your advice and it works. But I will say one thing, the PVA is a material very dirty the nucleus? Another thing, when I cleaned the nucleus I saw which was spotlessly clean. There may be some other problem?
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