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  1. Hi Gr5, thanks for your comment again. We will be testing out some tips of yours and I will tell you how it goes. Next week I'm on vacation, so this can probably take a while. But I will come back to you with some results in maximum three weeks. Thank you for your help so far. If anyone else has ideas to improve the heat within a UM3(E) I'd be happy to hear.
  2. Hi gr5, thank you for your comment. And sorry for my late response, I've been busy at work! We are indeed printing with a high temperature material, in the case of the measurements with white PC. I understand that we can 'boost' the temperature by covering the machine. But should that be necessary? It looks obvious to me that the printer should be able to warm itselve up to more than 90°C, but I can be wrong. Also, we've printed with PC and many other materials before without this problem. By the look of your posts, points and owned printers. Could you tell me if the temperature raise on
  3. Hi all, At my work we have a UM3E which until now have always worked fine. Today I created a project in Cura and tried to start it on the printer. However, in the heating up proces the printer canceled because it took to long to heat up to the specified temperature (in that case 107°C). Our printer is located in a room with a stable temperature, i believe 18°C, but I'm not sure. Here are some measurements I did: If it is helpful, the infrared thermometer measuring locations can be found here. Thanks in advance. Greeting, Stan Mertens
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