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  1. Mission accomplished! Ended up using my hot air gun, I put my soldering mat behind the hot end to shield the fans from the heat, worked a charm. Thanks again for your help! I'm used to messing around on my crappy £300 diy printer, but i'm still nervous around my £3000 shiny printer!
  2. So i followed your advice, I preheated the hot-end to 120deg, then tried to gently remove the PLA. It was stuck pretty hard so I took the fan shroud off, and managed to remove a bit from around the nozzle - the pla had gone kinda putty like from the heat. The rest of the "fossil" though is quite brittle, and I am worried I am having to use too much force to remove it, I was thinking that I could up the temp to around 210 ish and leave it for a while and hope that the lump kinda melts itself off a bit? Is that a bad idea? I also have a heat gun (a turbo 1200wat hair dryer kinda thing for heatshrink etc in the workshop), I might also be able to use that to apply heat to the further away bits?
  3. Great, thanks for the reply. I will let you know how I get on.
  4. Okay, got a really weird one for the wise men of the internet. I have an almost brand new ultimaker 2+ extended (1 week old), and last night I made the mistake of leaving a print running overnight. The print failed (not sure why, just found a printer full of spaghetti), but for some reason, it appears that the hot end has somehow been pumping out pla inside of the extruder case. I think there must be a gap between the heating block and the extruder... I dont know how else the plastic could have gotten there. I have not tried to take the extruder apart yet. all the wires (thermostat etc) are cemented in pretty well and I dont want to risk breaking anything. Has anyone encountered anything like this before, and if so how did you fix it?
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