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  1. Hello, I would like to change HTTP protocoll to HTTPS on the Ultimaker 3, is there a way? What webserver does it use? (For example for API endpoints like camera, etc.) Thanks
  2. Thanks for you answers, alright Ok, makes sense, dont know why i didnt read the builder description properly, thanks for that + I dont know why we thought it would be that easy...... but yea, brings me to another question: why didnt someone else thought of installing that second extruder before? thanks for that link, i will try my best, what do you mean with "dual firmware", is there a link you could give me?
  3. PRinter: Ultimaker 2 Upgrades: Ultimaker Extrusion Upgrade kit (which makes it Ultimaker 2+) Setup: both, the old Extrusion set and the new Upgrade kits are installed at the moment (to make it dual extrusion) we couldnt find an appropriate firmware that supports dual extrusion then the UltiCreatr firmware custom firmware builder: https://bultimaker.bulles.eu/
  4. Today we installed the new Extrusion Upgrade Kit, we decided to use the old Feeder and install it as Dual Extrusion Now both Feeder Motors work in the wrong direction with Ultimaker-2-Ulticreatr-2X-v1-1.hex Firmware Has anybody an idea how to invert the motor direction without having to change the cables? When we create a firmware file with the custom firmware builder the printer wont run (even when we create the "stock" firmware), propably because of the expert settings (like controler, temperatur sensor..) Like editing the hex?
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