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  1. Sorry for the late reply! I wasn't notified of replies. Deleting the cura folder seemed to solve the problem. I'd recommend everyone exporting their settings first, then just import when you open 2.3
  2. My monoprice i3 always seems to have issues connecting to my PC.. infact 1/10 times i get it to connect in simplify 3d. I've never been able to get it to connect in Cura. Is there an option to see the com port it's trying to connect to in Cura?
  3. Sure! Windows 10 Home 16gbs ram i7 2.5ghz. It happens with all models. Where can I find the log files?
  4. I've tried everything i can think of and on 2.3 i'm not able to get anything past slicing, the progress bar doesn't move at all. Any tips? Restarting doesn't work. Changing all the settings doesn't work. I even added a new printer just for the heck of it and no luck.
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