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  1. @kmanstudios @peggyb btw I have polished model, now it's more print friendly, and since you 2 have helped me a lot, I'm gona share it with you. Feel free to print it Water Can v34.stl
  2. @kmanstudios no worries, you helped a lot, thanks mate
  3. Thanks, but this method is exactly what isn't working. I import profile, Cura say it's imported but profile and settings don't show under Custom profiles.
  4. Good idea, but until I set up my project file, I need my old profiles to pull out all the settings. Can you share how to manually load cura profiles?
  5. That's awesome! Now I can finally make custom support structure and print as I wish. Yes I have UM2, so I'll stick to beta version till official 3,2 comes out. One more question, hopefully last Sometimes regarding Cura options I have trouble Importing cura profiles. Any solution to that? Can I manually add profiles to Cura installed folder or something like that?
  6. @kmanstudios Thank you, now I got them all aligned and sorted! Move to my next question. @peggyb I found that options, but regarding my support on second body doesn't show. So where do I control support option for that second body? And what I set in Per Model Settings for original body that I want to print?
  7. @kmanstudios well yes and no. I printed similar geometry before, and those top layers caused sink marks on 3d print. At least that is my theory. But since I can't adjust top layer settings, I'll just add more walls to it will hopefully disappear. I tried that and it's logical thing to do, but again it seams Cura wont co-operate with me lol When I load models Cura allocate them all over the build plate... When I load models in Meshmixer, they are perfectly aligned.
  8. Wow so much great info! Ty Guys @kmanstudios so there is no way to adjust or alter that settings in cura for top layers? @peggyb sweet, this per model settings' 'print as support' is only for Cura 3.2? because it seams I can't find it in 3.1 I mean there is Per model setting but it doesn't have Mesh type print as support as in 3.2 Also how do you set up 2 bodies in one single stl file? It seams that when I create 2 bodies, on export i got one merged body. If I load 2 separate stl files, how do I get them aligned in cura, as you did in your example?
  9. It seams that I always choose to complicate models for simple testing lol Thanks for clarifying the wall theory. My thinking was the same, so after all I wasn't wrong about it. To sum it up: did 2 mm thickness on model, now vase mode works and I have bottom filled, but again Cura have problem with upper part of the geometry ditched Vase mode I decide to print it in normal model with 2 mm thickness on 3d model, with 2 Wall Line Count, and 0,4 Line Width and 10% infil This results in total 4 walls; 2 outer and 2 inner which gives me 0,8 mm out
  10. Yes, that was fun to model indeed BTW thanks for trying to find solution for this problem. I have take a look at your file, and I see that my understanding how things works isn't quite as I thought. Let's start with model thickness. You set thickness to 1,4 mm in 3D model Line Width to 0,8 mm on 0,4 mm nozzle Wall Thickness to 1 mm Wall Line Count to 1 No Vase Mode Based on this parameters I should have 3d printed part, that have 0,8 - 1 mm wall thickness made from 2x 0,4 mm walls (because of 0,4 mm nozzle) right? I can't make 1
  11. Sure here it is. Water Can v25 surface.stl
  12. Thnx for all the input. I have checked, and yes model is sitting on top of build plate, nothing is wrong here. Even if I lift model up, slicer is always showing sliced version on the build plate, without bottom... Here is mine Shell profile, , I have set up things you said, but still no luck. Check if there are some other options I should change.
  13. Yes it have, as I said my model is good, without errors. This is some issue with Cura, or settings in profile.
  14. I have surface model that I wish to print in Vase Mode (Spiralize Outer contour). I have created model with Fusion, and checked with Meshmixer, so model is all good. Now when I select Vase model, slicer shows strange behavior, and I'm afraid that this will cause problem with printing. When I set Surface Mode to normal, the part of model is missing from slicer. But when I set Surface Mode to Both, again on same spot is problem where layer is missing and shooted in the air... Selecting Surface, will solve problem, but leave bottom empty... Cura version
  15. Hey Geert, thnx for feedback. I tried as you suggested (only without additional fan, just because I don't have it atm), and with no better results. Every tryout with different set of temperature, and lower speed, has resulted with the same outcome, and no improvement at all. This is why I believe that something else is causing it. Any more ideas, beside temperature?
  16. Hi all, I'm trying to 3D print Astronaut Phil, and I have trouble with his fingers. Everything else comes out flawlessly, but only fingers are mess. Model is scaled to 50% Using Cura 2.7.0 Ultimaker 2 Material PLA Temp 200 - 210 Speed 40 mm/s Cooling 100 Tried playing with material temperature, lowered the temperature, but it seams to turned out even worse. I also played with Motion settings, but no improvements on end result. So I believe it is some setting in Cura, that causing this problem. Any Ideas?
  17. Just to report feedback. It worked! Now only to resolve stringing and it will fly to the sky
  18. Yes!, that did the work, now Cura finally shows inner ribs when sliced. Now off to test 3D Print! Thank you!
  19. Unfortunately the model is as it is (I bought stl files), so I can't do much about it... Here is Xray view, it only shows bottom and top red.
  20. Hi all, I have model that outer geometry is surface and inner geometry are thickness ribs. Now when I put it in my Cura 2.6 for Ultimaker 2, it only slice outer surface without inner ribs. I have tried in Special Modes, under Surface mode select every option there is (both, normal, surface), but Cura only shows outer surface as sliced geometry. How to make it work, to print both surface and inner ribs?
  21. I'm searching for data on what is the Print Speed (Build Speed) for Ultimaker 2+ or Ultimaker 3 in mm/h? This data should be height-axis print speed, or how much mm in height (Z-axis) can Ultimaker make within one hour. I'm aware that this value depends on layer height, but It seams I can't find anywhere official info regarding this build speed, or how to calculate it (other than measure it). I would appreciate if you could share it with me, or point me out how to calculate it. Also if you have already done measurement feel free to share your results
  22. You are all right, the problem was in PTFE Coupler! I have found benchmark test to check coupler condition. Here you can download it here Here are models printed after, and before I changed coupler.
  23. Thanks for the tip. Is there some type of test, to check with coupler is it dead, or is it something else? Because from outside coupler looks fine (it was changed before some time, I need to check when). As for bed adhesion, I did all of what you have listed except using glue. But parts looks very deformed, so I assume that there were pretty much forces from thermal dilatation at work. Just wandering if there is some tip on printing large "boxed" part, to prevent thermal dilatation. Here's the image of how part should look like.
  24. Material was PLA Print speed 60 m/s Layer height 0,16 mm Material temp 210 C Bed temp 60 C Hours printed on this machine is roughly over 1000h I did bed leveling and testing before I started this long print, bed was leveled good. Didn't noticed problem with under extrusion so far, but looking back on some of my prints, every one and then there is visible line, that could refer to underextrusion.
  25. Hello all recently I have 3D printed a large prototype and run on strange phenomena. The prototype was rather industrial plastic part, with thin walls (2,6 mm). What happen is that all corners were bent upside, but surface are above corners is still flat, as it should be. What is causing this phenomena? I know it has to do with cooling, but does it heated bed caused, or because the part is so big, so the corners cools to fast or something else? Any tips what to do to prevent this from happening again? There were also another anomaly that happen on the same print. Roughly 12 mm from t
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