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  1. Perhaps it should use quality components instead of poor cinese's ones and be assembled by technician instead that by monkeys? That's would be a GREAT improvements !!
  2. You are new here. We are a supportive forum. Your informative links are very much appreciated. The insulting tone of your comment, not so much. the answers of a support should be at least qualified, if you are so susceptible to a comment, that only those who do not use the internet could be considered an offense, it is better that you change the name of the forum to "Inconclusive Chat" rather than "Modifications and Hacks"
  3. Never made use of Google in your life? http://www.euro-bearings.com/lin16.html http://www.e-lrb.com/ https://www.nbcorporation.com/product/lineup/strokebush/sre.html http://www.schaeffler.de/content.schaeffler.de/en/branches/industry/printing_machines/products_printingsectors_ina_fag/rotary_linear_motion/bearings_linear_rotary_motions.jsp
  4. I have no doubt you reached 24³mm/s because the original UM2 feeder can easily reach 15³mm/s with a 0.4mm nozzle !
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