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  1. I looked at my skirt settings and it was set to '0' so I changed it to '1' and the print bed functioned properly. Attached is a photo of the settings in Cura 15.04.6 that was causing the problem.
  2. I am using the base gcode settings from Cura. How would you edit the start.gcode? This picture shows my machine settings in Cura.
  3. I have an Ultimaker 2. Just recently when I begin prints, after the print head extrudes a bit of PLA (with the print bed the normal distance from nozzle) as the print head moves from the front left corner to the middle to begin printing, instead of gradually moving up to the nozzle, the print bed moves immediately to 1mm away from the nozzle, even with the nozzle in the front left corner. The nozzle almost hits the metal clip on the print bed and the pre-extruded plastic clogs on the nozzle, not allowing anything to print properly. Has anyone seen this problem before? I did a factory reset
  4. Our Ultimaker 2 is having a lot of trouble with the filament not properly going through the nozzle. I have cleaned the nozzle with the Atomic Method a number of times- the most recent time I did this, there was a lot of friction and I needed to use a lot of pressure to get the filament to insert into the nozzle. When I was pushing it in, there was a type of 'pop' and once it got past that point in the nozzle, it extruded properly. When I insert new filament, it will not fully insert into the nozzle. I have to advance the filament so it sticks out of the bowden tube and push it into the nozzl
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