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  1. Hi there, Well I can sadly say that I may have a related case. I say "may" only for the fact that I introduced diodes to help most with noise and may have assisted in the failure. Whilst I was always happy with the build of my UM2+, In Australia, they are far from competitive in price and it was my first printer.... That said it was a reliable machine but I won't be getting another, and have moved away from this company and their products, so like @Markosjarks is considering. However I have the picture of my board here and as you can see, the brown around the drivers as most I have seen online
  2. Hey there, Yep I am seeing the same and also read that about the issues pertaining to this type of setup and decision not to move forward with this by The Ultimaker Team. But for the process of practice I have found it interesting. Head (Nozzle)_ alignment is a enjoyable to say the least
  3. Hey there, I am at the same step as you as I have installed a secondary hotend. Have you calibrated the Hotend PIDs? Also if you have rechecked all hardware, perhaps just put the second HotEnd (that I presume you are not using ) on room temp and test that? Just a thought, I'll respond with my progress.
  4. Hi there, I seem to see a conflict as others do in the Cura 2.5 UI. You add a Printer (say UM2+) USB sees the Printer on USB as Green and Healthy You can't Print as you need to make a change to the Printer settings to use Marlin etc.. Understandably the USB port on devices is seldom the same, and the fluctuation of power and connectivity is inconsistent, so printing direct at least for me is not an option. Whereas cloud devices using say an RPI 3 seem to have more trouble in updates and consistency on their own and the code running them like Astro etc. appears not to commercially a
  5. Hey there, I have a short term fix for creators edition. 1) make sure your are Admin of the machine. 2) right click start menu and choose disk managment. 3) Find Physical Disk that has "D Drive" as its populated address (noted there is actually no partition. 4) go to the propteries of the physical and reassign the drive to say "Y:" Go start Cura.
  6. Hi there, Sorry to hear that you are having issues. For what it is worth I am using AstroPrint and my prints and workflow of prints is much easier to manage. But still learning G-Codes and also making sure I use the REPRAP/Marlin all the way from Cura to Slicing in Astro (if I needed). For what it is worth, I'd firstly connect the Printer Via usb to a PC, Open Cura and push a firmware update. Then print a SD based job. Maybe even copy an existing job from Astro to the SD and try. Then go back to your topology and try.. Hope all or some of this helps.
  7. I would assume good chain oil for bicycles would be effective?
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