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  1. i have an UMO+ and i have a UM2 frame and i would really like to put my UMO+ in the UM2 frame but i cant find anywhere if it is possible and/or how to do it. soo if anyone can help me with this that would be great.
  2. thank you for your advise, it works really wel. the first time that octoprint works good in my experiance
  3. i have 2 ultimaker original+`s in my makerspace. and i would like to have them working on my wifi that i made in my makerspace. but i can`t find a good artical or a good forum post that can help me with this. i hope that the awesome ultimaker community can help me with this.
  4. i really dont like Octopi so i was lookin gfor a relative cheap option with out using that
  5. First of all i really wouldn't store the ultimaker more than a month in storage, i had my ultimaker 2 go stored for 2 weeks in a storage locker and it didnt work annymore because of the cold and such. But i would wrap it in packing paper and than in a few blankets and than in to a cardboard box.
  6. I am planning to buy a raspberry pi 3, and use it as my ultimaker pc. I have an ultimaker original+ and i love it. But i dont like to have keep transfering all the print data to an sd card or keep my pc running all the time while it is printing. Soo i was wondering if i could install the cura software on the raspberry pi 3? without octopi. If anyone could help me with it, that would be really usefull and helpfull.
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