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  1. I agree with your analysis. So there are two possible reasons

    3) Isolator - this is most common if you've printed extra hot (>240C) for a few hours or regular temps (220C) for 500 hours.

    7) clogged nozzle -

    I have not done printing at high temp so clogging is most likely the issue. Since I have tried cooling and pulling out filament, is there any video showing how to disassemble the extruder and do a more though cleaning? BTW, what official UM parts do you think I need to fix the issue ?

  2. The PLA filament is fine. I measured the diameter and the number is 2.85mm.  I have been using the same filament and setup. I got good prints on upgraded 2+ until this issue showed up.   I tried slowing the speed only to 30% but there is little extrusion at 210. If I increase the temperature to 230 and above, it can extrude but the quality of printing is much worse (fragile prints and higher failure rate).  I also tried lowering temperature to 90 and then pulling the filament out of extruder to clean up , which seems not working.  

    Before I made the upgrade from ultimaker 2 to 2+ (changing both the extruder head and feeder), I also had the same problem with ultimaker 2. After the upgrade, the issue does not exist any more for a while. But after using the upgraded ultimkaer 2+ for 100 hours, the same issue appeared again.

    I could not got a good measurement of temperature following the youtube video, so can not tell whether the temperature sensor has broken or not. If the issue can not be solved myself, is there any technical support or repair center in US I can ship the product to ?

  3. Hi

    I upgraded from ultimaker 2 to ultimaker 2+. I am using 2 mm PLA filament and 100% infill. At the beginning, it prints well. After about 100 hours printing, the printouts start having holes and are very fragile. I tried increasing the temperature to 230 but did not solve the problem. Any idea why this is happening and how to fix ? Thanks.


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