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  1. Thank you that done the trick.
  2. Sorry! What I mean to say is whilst it was printing I notice a score line across the print where the nozzle was scraping across it, then I put in a value of 1mm and started the print again. The result of which was that it still scraped across the top of the print. I hope that this explains "It's not working". Once again I apologise.
  3. Thanks, I have done that but when I go to manage profiles there are no profiles in the list
  4. Well yes, it means that it doesn't drag across already printed parts of the print at a designated height. It doesn't work!!! lol
  5. For some reason I can't add profiles, anyone else having problems? Thanks
  6. Can someone tell me why when I ask for a travel avoid distance my Ultimaker 2+ doesn't do it? Thanks
  7. Can I use 3 in 1 oil or can someone suggest a sewing machine oil, which I can buy in the UK, for lubricating the axis please? many thanks
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