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  1. NM, wasn't Fbrc8 that I emailed... ill look into that now... thanks!
  2. im in the USA, I emailed fbrc8, because theres nothing on the site itself that lists these for purchase. so I guess I wait. I just expected there to be a million sellers that listed TFM couplers since its something that need replacement over time... only PTFE couplers...
  3. After printing with my Ultimaker 2+ for over two years, I started having issues with the material getting stuck in the coupler. I pulled it out and looked at it. Sure enough it had some burn marks and some warping. Went online and all I could find were PTFE couplers. I bought one, still have issues. I cant find TFM couplers to purchase. Can someone point me to a site that sells them? hopefully by themselves without 200 dollars worth of extra parts I don't need! ?
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