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  1. Can i ask for help in solving oozing problems for dual printing?i tried shield and tower but they still leak please help thanks
  2. i tried to use the ooze shield but there are still oozing problems, i would like to edit the gcode at every layer but i do not know how to, can you teach me? ty:)
  3. HELLO FRIENDS!! I need your help, i am printing dual extruder prints but i am having oozing problems, i am thinking of editing every layer to solve the problem but my print has too many layers, can someone help me with this problem? it would be great to edit every layer using a program, hope to hear from you guys soon:) Sincerely Gabriel
  4. Hi friends, I recently bought a dual extruder and the print is having some oozing problems because of the second extruder, I would like to edit the gcode to build a wall for the oozing to take place there before continuing my print, can anyone help? Thanks
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