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  1. Hi SandervG, I have tightened the short belts very tightly indeed. There is hardly any flex in them at all. There seems to be moderate resistance, but this feels like it's coming from the belt tension. Could they be too tight? I have also double checked my alignment, still all good! Regards, Alex
  2. Hello all, I know this seems to be a common fault with Ultimaker Original machines, but I seem to have tried all remedies suggested and it still refuses to work! I have: Put Belt tensioners on Long belts Tightened the short belts by pushing down the motor Tightened the cross axis rod block (Thinner rods which mount to the print head) Made sure hot end doesn't wobble/move freely Checked extrusion rates Tightened all the pulleys to the rods Made sure the cross rods are square The errors seem to be happening at 45* from the X and Y, so it leads me to think it's a belt (slack) issue, but with tightening every single belt, I'm at a loss! I hope someone might have some suggestions? Regards, Alex Bottom right circle seems to show the defect clearly as it has gaps in the walls at half one and half seven. It should be solid like the other quarters.
  3. Hello all, I have noticed a very odd thing with my printer. For thin walls (See image of 3DBenchy) There is no infill between the two sides. I have studied the G-Code and that doesn't have any infill (Note there is no yellow lines present) Is there anything I can do to make Cura fill this in? Any help will be greatly appreciated! Regards, Alex
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