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  1. I think it is windows 7 that is causing the problem , I tried to change the USB first and it was not the USB issue, then I tried the same project on windows 10 and the slicing given time was 2h 50min , while on windows 7 the time was 39min only , noting that I used the same profile setting on Cura 4.2.1
  2. in the preview the slices are complete , and it shows the whole object , and the display says remove object from build plate At the moment I can't share the file , as I am not in front of the printer
  3. it look like the print is finished , and I am printing via USB
  4. Thank Smithy I am using Cura 4.00 ,to print with UM3 refurbished, I tried the default profile normal without making any changes on the settings , and the job starts normally , but the printer stops printing in middle of job, the job ends at the middle of the item and the build is not completed
  5. I am using Cura 4.00 , and the UM3 stop printing at middle of the build, I am using the cura normal profile sitting with out any changes
  6. Hi I just installed a new UM3 EXT and the print head is not moving to the right distance so that it can reach the white plastic piece which used for raising the BB core, I have a video but I can't upload it as it is .mp4
  7. Hi Smithy Thanks it works, the cover is latching now 👍
  8. thanks Smithy for your reply , the door hinges are working good , but the magnet is not latching , so I have to use tab to keep the door closed
  9. Hi I removed the silicon nozzle cover, after I did that , the cover door no longer close and the magnet on longer latching I did nothing except that the silicon piece is not fixed , any one knows what to do for the magnet to latch ?
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