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  1. Thank you. Are these all listed anywhere? Or visible within the source code? The extra heater commands are the bigger problem, though, since they force me to manually run M80 before I can print anything, and they are slower than necessary. They would also be an obstacle to people who need to do autoprobing cold.
  2. I am using Cura 2.3.99 from an Ubuntu PPA, and I have run into a problem: the start G-code I provide appears after the heater commands Cura automatically generates. This is a problem because I use an ATX power supply, which needs to be turned on before the heaters will work. This is easy - just run M80 before heating - but is there any way to make it happen in Cura? I'm perfectly happy using variables - I assume using python's .format {} syntax - and writing the heater commands myself. in fact I'd prefer it, because the Cura default waits for the bed to reach temperature before starting the hot end heater, and I'd rather heat both at once. But there are two problems: I have no idea what the variables for print temperature and bed temperature are called, and even if I put those commands in the start G-code, Cura still prepends its own heater commands. Is there a way around this? Is there any documentation on the heater commands? I tried exporting the material definition file, and the XML contains variables "print temperature" and "heated bed temperature", but these don't get interpolated with {} either as is or with underscores replacing the spaces.
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