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  1. Ok, i solved the problem by replacing the transistors, now everything is working as expected One thing I noticed, if I cancel a job, the main extruder drives nuts in every action following like it totally lost orientation, trying to bypass boundaries. Anyone else noticed this? Maybe related to firmware?
  2. Hello. At first thank you so much for this, after everything works out as expected I'll be definitely considering a donation. After a small flash while attaching everything I had to wait for a replacement of the motherboard (of course missing E2-slot). Now everything is working fine besides the fans on the second hot end. (Using mark2 expansion board). If I manually set the fan speed to 100% they are spinning but not as fast they should. The hot end fan does not kick in regardless what I'm doing (heating up over 40°C is necessary I guess). I measured the voltage at the hot end fan port and
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