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  1. UM3E Since my reseller is incompetent, these forums get a bit of attention instead. Still having this issue with the latest update. This is after a factory reset. Only thing I haven't tried would be downgrading. I was under the impression that the latest update resolved this. Any hints would be welcome as the printer becomes unresponsive after a while. ---- Been browsing/reading a bunch of topics regarding this issue. Connected a LAN cable and switched to that (from WiFi) -- hoping this keeps the printer working for now.
  2. While a print was running, noticed the following on the display (see attached) Print finished without issue and the display was correct after a reboot. Printer is on latest firmware.
  3. I'm having issues getting this done as the printer does not prime the print heads before it starts printing (no blobs) -- I end up with a single x axis print from print core 1 -- print core does barely has time to print let alone make a mark. This is with the latest firmware that was pushed recently.
  4. IMO, the bed auto leveling should agree with prior calibration performed when the printer was set up or when it is requested from the calibration menu. Is it intentional to not have these two similar features agree with one another or should I avoid even setting my z-offset and just lower my bed manually? On another note, what is with all the cold pulling with the new firmware -- it speeds things up I guess...
  5. Thought I would get some prints done today but instead I'm dealing with this: Video Link Note that I'm using Cura 2.3.1. Is there any way to revert the firmware so that I can get back to printing? ---- Update: X/Y Calibration re-done. Got the following: "Difference between detected height of both PrintCores exceeds realistic values." after it performed its automatic leveling, so I went ahead and performed a quick Z offset calibration, restarted the printer and sent the print job once again. Currently printing, but this is worrying.
  6. Thanks @IRobertI -- I'll take a bit of time and inspect the spool to see what happened. Hoping it was a simple issue as you described. --- Had a chance to remove the filament and inspect the spool -- had no issue with that but the slack in the bowden tube showed plenty of bite so it was definitely stuck at some point -- or it simply had a hard time rotating the spool -- going to have to set up a camera back there to see what is going on those long prints.
  7. UM3E here~ So while printing this thing from that thing place (just the base piece mind you) - had an interesting issue, so decided to print it again - this time with the second extruder. Item on the left is printed with the bundled PLA - item on the right was printed with Maker Series `Urban Fossil` PLA. What do you guys think? And what can I do to avoid this? I've yet to mess with the main extruder after this print in order to avoid further issues for now.
  8. Bumping this -- as this happens from time to time with my prints as well when the blob doesn't stick around the intended waste area.
  9. Without looking at my guides (and with my memory being as bad as it is now), this reminds me of a multicast issue (since you mentioned your security cameras doing the same) -- I know I've had to enable multicasting on my network on prior devices -- will need to configure a new router I have on my network and check if the issue persists.
  10. This sounds like a driver issue -- have your users remove Arduino drivers and have them re-install the latest Arduino software from the proper website. For some users, running setup on Admin mode may be needed, as well as a restart between uninstall and install. Make sure your users are running latest Windows 10 version since there are some known issues with older Serial drivers. If you can physically access client computers, grab an Arduino Uno or a Leonardo to test if you can upload the Blink sketch with the Arduino IDE.
  11. Have you tried Cura 15.04.6 or are the results similar? Slightly related thread~
  12. I'm having a similar issue when I use the LAN port of the printer instead of WiFi -- I haven't been able to fully narrow it down (I need to inspect my packets) but the closest I can relate this to is the stream itself and the devices on the network. When you have no access to your printer, can other devices in your network still access video streams (I think Netflix traffic should fall under this)? Note that my statement above is just observations -- in my situation, it could simply be an issue with Cura already being authorized on WiFi but not on LAN but the printer could still recognize it
  13. @Zwakie I would do this first just to make sure nothing gets broken~
  14. Thanks for replying @neotko, but that is not the belt I was referring to. I don't have a picture available, but it's the one running parallel to and just aft of the front panel. Any ideas how to increase the tension for that one? I think I know which one you are referring to since my printer had the same issue as you described -- all I did was to hold on to one of the side rods (to keep it from moving) while pulling on the belt a bit -- basically, you are getting it to skip a track in order to equal out the tension -- check that you don't need to do the other side as well~
  15. I had the issue on the second image -- a squeeze back in fixed that rubbing for me. The back panel was definitely not bent on mine though. Were any of the styrofoam pieces broken as you unpacked it? One piece was broken on mine which led me to inspect it for a while. All this usually points to mishandling by carriers -- time to have a good talk with your shipping company (in my case, it was FedEx).
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