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  1. good news! (at least for me lol) I've launched the M42 command with Repetier host and I have found all the pin enabled. Now I must understand how to write the Gcode properly In the Cura Propeties: Machine settings - Extruder Start G-code. What I wish is to do is: 1- Retract the filament while it hops on the Z axes; 2- Activate the corresponding pin so the changing nozzle sistem is trigged via the electromagnet; 4- come back to the print position while the filament goes foward; 5- continue with the normal G-code Since cura lets me to write G-code at the beginning and the end of
  2. Hi and thank you for your message! Well actually, since this idea is at its very first stage, I would consider the hardware design after I will solve the software issue. But thank you for your tip, I will take in mind! At this stage my goal is to turn some leds on, through theese pins, using a specific G-code command. I want to double check the pin first, if they are really not active by the firmware or they are, and I've simply put a wrong G-code command. Thanks for your help
  3. Hello and thank you for your message. Yes I generally make my firmware from that link. What I'm now working on, is basically a rotary sistem to switch from a nozzle to the other, the concept is not so new, I'm just try to make my own design. All the hardware parts are already made, in attached a link of a 3D simulation video https://www.dropbox.com/s/5ldv04cqo05ydcc/rotary double nozzle6.mp4?dl=0 As you can see from the video at the early beginning, I wanted to swich the nozzle meccanically with a specific movement of the head (as the UM3 does). My early idea was to type the gcode for
  4. Hello everybody, My Ultimaker Original Has some modifications like DIY Hot Bed (with 100K thermistor), axes motors outside the machine and so on. I generally modify my firmware from the "firmware builder" provided by this website. I'm now working on a new concept for a better usage of my second nozzle and I need to activate the pins from 8 to 13 that are not used by my board so far (version 1.5.7.). I've wired them to make some experiments: I've connected a LEd to see if they can be activated, they blink twice when I turn my printer on. But I don't know how to use them, I guess I need
  5. link to the video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5ldv04cqo05ydcc/rotary double nozzle6.mp4?dl=0
  6. Hi there! just landed on this forum... congratulations! The last post is on january 2018 hope someone is still interested on it! I'm writing you becouse I've decided to work on a similar project for my UMO (two nozzle swop their height via a rotation). In order to trig the rotation the print head needs to do a specific movement every time it passes from a nozzle to the other and viceversa... nothing new.. exactly the same concept with a different shape. here the simulation: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kys2yq4jwg9nflb/rotary-double-nozzle2.gif?dl=0 As I've understood you just insert a G
  7. I'm not at home now and probably I will be not untill the end of the year. So I can't touch my printer until that moment. No... is really not familiar to me lol! XD I just remember tha I run an customized firmware built on a specific platform (I made this ages ago). After Make all the modification needed I downloaded the file, i should have a copy and it migh be that one: (I don't know if is what u are talking about) #ifndef CONFIGURATION_ADV_H #define CONFIGURATION_ADV_H //====================================================
  8. My goal is to make a big modification so I have a "second pop-up nozzle" like the ultimaker 3. Thats why I need this setting. Also moving the print head in a specific position before change the nozzle to trig the mechanism and make the second nozzle to pop-up out. (I hope is clear what I mean) thks again
  9. Mhhhh ok consider the fact that I'm no too confidential with modifying g-code... Saying that, I have an Ultimaker Original with Its original board (Just few modification like heated bed etc.). A Marlin firmware runs the machine. I really wonder to know how to manage the g-codes. Thank you for your super fast reply!
  10. Hi! I Need to do what you have done by mistake but in purpose! How you made it?
  11. Hi everybody! I'm currently modding my UMO with 2 nozzles using a similar concept used by the Ultimaker3 (retracting second extruder). But I have some issue to set it properly on Cura. I cannot set the gap between the nozzles (i just can set the Z offset between nozzle and the bed and it can be not different fron a nozzle to the other). As you can image i need to tell to cura "change the hight of the bed when use the second extruder" and also "Go to a specific X/Y position before change extruder" to trig the second extruder to pop up. How to do that? P.S. If it go
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  13. Hello guys. I want to modify my UMO's head and I need two longer head's shafts but I don't want to lose quality. I wanted to use UM2's shaft because I think they are longer enough (they should be 320mm isn't it?) But it looks pretty difficult to me to find them and so I want to have a look somewhere else. But I need to know the spec that I need to look for: type of the metal; bend tolerance; surface treatment etc. Some one of you know that? Also... Do you know if chromed bars are better? They look shiny with no rough surface and they don't get rust (which can happen with standard ult
  14. Yes! I have exactly the same problem! I wished to buy just the inner shield... and saying "is not in production anymore" it has no sense. Wooden ultimaker is still here on this website. I contacted the same seller "crea 3d"... Now I've found the last piece in stock on "3ditaly" store (also an authorised seller here in Italy) but... jesus I had to buy a whole kit... and it was f****ing expensive! At this point I hope they really have in stock the original piece at least!
  15. Hello guys. I got some trouble with my ulticontroller and now the inner shield is broken. I asked for a new one but the seller said that is out of production. What does it mean? UMO is not in production anymore? I really wish to have the original piece, even if I have to buy the whole controller again.
  16. I made this topic just because I have some ideas in my mind for my Ulti Original that's why is in this chat. And sorry if is a repetitive topic. My question was more like a confirm question. I've also asked about the "pois-like bushing" aka "graphite copper bushing". Are them used in the Ulti 2 or, they come from the unofficial market? If they are used in the Ulti 2, do they give an considerable benefit? (for our printer in terms of time and costs spent). Sorry if the question about maintenance wasn't clear... I was talking about the "graphite copper" bushing and not about "whole copper"
  17. Hey dude! how's going! Nice to hear you again. Yes. the shooting is complete and I'm now working on the post-production and editing. This year I had other tasks to do, i stopped to work on it for several months and so the timing has become drammatically extended :(!.. but yes... I'm very happy about the result! As soon as I can, I'll upload some photoes on my Ultimaker's Profile! Anyway... about my question on "bearing or sintered bushing": I'm trying to understand why all the ultimakers use the bushing on the external x,y axes, and also the differences between them and their application f
  18. Hi! I'm trying to understand the difference between a bearing and a bushing. Why all the ultimakers use bronze bushing on the external x-y axes? The difference of the other axes is that the pieces have two movements, linear and rotational. But why is better using the bushings there? I wonder if changing with bearings could be a good modification. thks.
  19. Maybe the right thing it would be to have in machine "settings", not only X and Y offset but also an Z offset... yeah it sounds more clear to me...
  20. Hi guys! Nice to be part of this community! Even if I have an UNO since"14 I've never been part of the community! I use my printer for several experiments and mainly for a personal project (animation in stop motion) I made on it several modifications (maybe I'll ubdate some photoes soon). I also thought to create a sort of "swappable" double nozzle as the UM3. I also want my second extruder to go upper and a bit more down respect to the first nozzle so it doesn't interferes with the other. I just want to move one of them to make it easer to create. I already know hot to make it (phisicall
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