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  1. maybe not the best solution, but so much better than before.
  2. SO BAD! Edit your Account Manage site
  3. So i think yes. Hight speed plus fan on will be even worse.
  4. Hi, i thought it was enought put printers type in the topic. I‘m sorry! ultimaker 2+ Filament: pet (innofill), petg (two different brands) I think it is not depending on filament because i print this filaments without this issue in former times. At least one role was new shopped. I forgot to tell, that increasing speed shows the same result... and if i set the fan on, i cannot compansate the missing extrusion by increasing the extrusion multiplier... i tried values more than 140% multiplier and temps over 10 degree over the specs.. it didn’t help. the printig speed i can use is very less 60mm/s. but please keep in mind: the tempsensor vealue shows good match with low variations. Temp “seems” to be fine...
  5. Hi Community, I got the problem if fan is set on it result in under extruision. never had this issue befor but for 3 weeks i had it each time. So i stop using the fan. It looks like the filament is not heating up enough if fan is set on. But the temp sensor (or Ulti's display) says a constant temperature. Cause that i am confused. First option in my mind is to replace the heating bullet. But i don't want wasting money and time to replace a working heater. Maybe someone is familiar with that issue. I would be happy about helpfull infos. Best regards Peter
  6. Hi Community. I am still confused. I have an Ultimaker2+ . As you know there are two options to select the print material. Where i have to choose it? Only in Ultimaker menu or also or just in Cura? i updated cura to 2.3 yesterday. Will be the whole print settings totally the same if i change the matrial only in Cura but not in the Ultimaker?? thank you in advance!
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