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  1. J'ai réussi à faire démarrer le scanner. Apparemment il fonctionne correctement. Par contre je n'ai pas réussi à faire un scan potable. Je ne sais pas si c'est la calibration qui n'à pas été faite correctement, ou l'éclairage de la pièce. Je vais continuer les tests Merci encore pour les infos
  2. Merci! Ça c'est de la réponse rapide. J'ai trouvé une alime 12v 2A. Ca devrait le faire. On verra s'il démarre. Je vous tiens au courant. Merci encore
  3. Bonjour, Je me permets de re lancer le poste. As tu réussis à faire fonctionner ton scanner ? Pour ma part, on m'a donner un digitizer avec l'imprimante que j'ai acheté. Par contre la personne n'avait plus l'alimentation secteur. Est ce que tu pourrais me donner les caractéristiques de la tienne (normalement 12v 2A et quelques) mais surtout le brochage de la prise. Car je voudrais le tester sans le griller en inversant la polarité. Merci d'avance
  4. Hey. Just go to the shop yesterday morning. They have these transistors, but they are smallerthan the one on the bord... So I not sure thy can hold the se intensity. As you proposed me, Syntaxterror ll you be agree to send me some of them by mail? I can pay you the fees via paypal. You could contact me via mp Thanks
  5. Thanks for this precise answer. Also thanks to propose to send mesome transistors. I appreciate. I have near to my office an electronic shop and they sell the BC 817 for 10 cents. I suppose it's the good reference: http://composants.e44.com/composants-actifs/transistors/transistors-bipolaires/npn-cms/si-45v-0.5a-0.25w-160-400-sot23-cms-BC817-25.html If it's the right component I can go there tomorrow and fix my printer on saturday at the fablab. Thanks again SyntaxTerror for your support
  6. Thanks for your quick answer! I don't know which component is it on the board? And moreover the components are so small. I am not sure you can unsoldered it without damaging the board. Also do you know the reference of the switching transistor ?
  7. Well if I want to have control of the fans and how they ramp up I need to swap the functionality of the pins. It was a simple fix in the firmware. Hi. Sorry to reopen the topic. I have exactly the same issue with my fans. They stop to work 2 days ago. I check the wiring and everything is ok. I suppose something blow on the mother board on the fan pin. I tryed with the les pin and the fans worked. I am using thinkergnome firmware. How I can edit the .HEX and switch the fan pin with the led one ? Thanks for your support
  8. Hi guys, I have moved the two cables who link the screen to the board away from each other. SInce I did this, I have printed 10h without any issue
  9. I have just bought a new sd card (EMTEC HC 8go) with a good read speed. The problem didn't happen during my last prints. "Gr5" said it might be because of the ribbon cables. Do you think if we put ferrit on this cables it can reduce the probability of read error ? It just a suggestion.
  10. What do you mean by "cooling on the board there" ?
  11. Anybody have an idea about this isssue ? I printed the same file sliced with the same cura settings on my old prusa I3 and everything was fine. I tried several SD cards (HC and regular formated in FAT 32) put the problem happen randomly with all of them. I thought about maybe a problem of overheat of the board. My 30 mm fan is maybe not enought. I'm kind of lost ^^
  12. I have checked the print area settings: X: 0.00mm-230mm Y: 5.00mm-230mm Z: 330mm I don't see anything wrong.
  13. Hi everyone, I have built an aluminium ultimaker 2 extended during the past few months. I have followed the instruction of "jasonatepaint" who create this model http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:811271 My settings are: Slicer cura 15.04.4. Firmware: thinkergnome v16.08.1 So everything work well so far, but I have randomly the error "tryed to printing out of the area".Sometime there is no error display on the screen but during the print the head do weird deplacements in the air and go back to the print. . It ruins all the print . I tried to use different sd card but, the problem did not d
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