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  1. Hello from couple days i have problem with my ultimaker 2 when i load filament every thing going good i start printing and when print finish and I takting tube out it s looking like that http://imgur.com/gqCngYg https://ibb.co/i1jD2F and i dont know what i have to do with this i clear every thing I changed PTFE tube and all the time it s the same i tryed higher and lower temperaturs and all the time it s the same
  2. I can do upgrade it s no problem i just think it was problem with firware maybe when i upgrade first print was completly mess up and some block the nozzle i will take off hole nozzle and clean. It is worth to upgrade and where i can find kit to ugrade?
  3. before update after updtae
  4. I tried to instal firmware from cura 15 and 14 it is beter than lates cura but don t solwe the problem i will do some photos
  5. Hello couple days ago i bought ultimaker 2 everything was all right prints was in wery good quality yesterday i download lates cura and cura ask me for firware update I instal updet and now printer messing all prints step motor clicking and i can see missing layers on prints this is all after update I dont know with firmware i had before. Can somebody know how to solwe that?
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