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  1. Selling my two Ultimaker 3 machines. Great machines but I am moving on to SLA printing. Have not used them in over a year but I have tested them and they are still operational. May need to be lubricated. Prefer a local buyer in Los Angeles area that can pickup locally but can ship (Buyer pays shipping costs). I have the original box for one of them. Asking for $4200 + Shipping. Will only ship within the continental 48 states. Thank you Ultimaker 3 #1 - GeckoTek Solid magnetic bed mount with removable metal sheet -BondTech Dual Drive Extruder installed
  2. Thanks everyone for the advise. I'm not too skilled at soldering so I just ended up buying a new replacement. That said, I will practice my soldering skills now that I have this spare board ;)
  3. Instead of buying a whole new heatbed for $180, is there an adhesive I can use to repair this?
  4. Thank you! It allows me to change it but wasn't sure if it would actually force it to print at that resolution.
  5. I recently purchased this material and it works great, but when it's loaded, it limits Extruder 1 to print at .15 or .20 layer height. I could not find anything where it stated that you could only print at this layer height when using the breakaway material. If I switch extruder 2 back to PVA or PLA, I'm able to print at higher resolutions. I just want to make sure this is the case when using this support material. Thanks!
  6. I recently had this happen to me over the weekend and coincidentally right after I updated the firmware too. Fortunately, after I try to print the part again the 2nd time, it works fine and successfully completes it. I may just reset the printer back to Factory defaults and try to manually level it and see what happens. Then after a few prints, I'll have it autolevel again and try printing again to see if the error appears.
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