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  1. Ah! I found some old pictures! Here is the tail, aft fuselage and part of the aft wing with the solarfilm covering. Here's an exploded CAD view of the model from sketchup. Tandem wing. Flew well when I had it. CJ
  2. Wow thanks Neotko! My experience with 3D printing spans over 6 years now but the first half of that I had an UP! Plus and their software was very restrictive. Only two head temps, maybe 12 points of adjustment all in. So instead of changing settings I learned the machines flaws and designed around them. Having got my UM2 and later simplify 3D, the options are joyous and varied. But now I need to un-learn some of the techniques I use as instinct. Support is always something I try to design around. It usually comes off of an angle or compound curve with no resistance, but a flat has always been fixed in post. It only occurred to me recently that now that I have the settings to play with, I probably should use them . Thanks again for the detailed write up. More information to file in the mind palace in the ever expanding 3D printing section lol. Some experimenting to be done! CJ
  3. Hi all, I don't suppose there are any folk on here who use simplify 3D as their slicer are there? I'm exceptionally pleased with it on my UM2 but I do have a query when it comes to support material, largely in the difficulty of removing it post print. Done suppose anyone has support settings they are happy with and wouldn't mind sharing? CJ
  4. Hi Sander. Thanks for the comments. Oh yeah she'll fly alright. Side wind shouldn't be a massive issue as the finished weight is going to be reasonably high, makes for good penitration as us RC hobbiests call it. That and the motors are monstrous, 3.5kg of thrust @ WOT (wide open throttle) each. So I'll have 14Kg of lift to play with. I'm aiming for a total weight with lipo's of around 5kg. The speaker was going to go in a 1/12th scale Lancaster bomber model I have but it's been reassigned to this for engine noises, blasters etc... just before I start her up I've also got a sample of the hanger scramble siren from the rouge one trailer, that'll sound until I blip the throttle and the engine startup noise is called up. Lots of fun but lots of work! CJ
  5. Hi all. Mine would go in the man shed if I could move in there. It desperately needs a clear out. It is a bit chilly in there as well. Convinced SWMBO to let me keep it in the study and came across an absolute gem of a find. Server cabinet, with keys, on wheels, with a working 230v thermostat controlled fan deck in the top. Outside a cleared out office at a site I was working at. Next to the skip. Barely a scratch on it. A little snug, and I need to wheel it out and open the back door to change the filament, but it keeps it at a nice 35deg.C with the cooling fans only coming on occasionally for a few minutes. Plus all my filament (almost) fits down the sides of the ultimaker, silent running too! CJ
  6. Thanks for the warm welcome guys. Feedback always welcome, positive feedback even more so . It does look a little inadequate when compared to that monster star destroyer I saw further down this section. But sketchup has its limitations. If my company go for this new printer I've also set aside a budget for solidworks as well as training for myself on the software to save time, and make them superior components. If I have the heart to I may redraw it on solidworks should they agree to pay the £9k bill. Chances are I might not bother though. I've got so many hours invested in this already. A labour of love. CJ
  7. For an added sense of scale, here's the model in simplify 3D on my UM2 build plate. Initial print time estimates are 36 hours with support, 150 micron layer height and 55mm/s general print speed on the stock 0.4mm nozzle. CJ
  8. Hi all. Bit of a long intro as this is my first project post. Been hammering on the anvil of 3D printing for close to 6 years now. Got the company I work for interested in getting the UM3X based off the parts produced on my UM2 (to produce M&E components for a large UK supermarket chain). Spoke with a lovely chap by the name of Shaun Pulford whom works for Ultimaker GB while getting an invoice and after over an hour on the phone swapping techniques and whatnot he thought I would be interested in joining the community here. Having had a good poke around I've seen some very impressive prints. Clear plastic from colorfabb, large prints. Incredible surface detail etc... Thought I would share my latest project on here, partly as a way for me to document it for myself, and to share and gather information from the hive mind. RIGHT, onto the fun stuff. Been in the works for almost 6 months on and off, designing in sketchup is a little tedious at times. Here's what I have so far: So the general specs are: Dimensions (not including props) Overall height 628.4mm Overall width 475.1mm Overall depth 511mm 20 separate printed components (so far) outer wing hub X2 Inner wing hub X2 Motor mounts (two parts each) X4 Cockpit Cockpit top and bottom Thrusters X2 (printed separately for ease of LED installation) Windscreen Center spar cockpit links X2 Swinging 12" CF props on some 4108-580Kv Motors. 6S lipo. Haven't decided if I'm going for a Naze32 FC or a DJI Naza V2, That decision seems like a long way off yet . The cockpit in the center is being printed about as big as I can fit on the UM2 build plate. The top and bottom of the cockpit are being printed separately. Exploded view below. The center spar is a 30mm dia. cf Tube, The motor mounts are attached to 16mm CF tubes that link to the main spar at the wing hubs. The wings themselves are a challenge to build. I have designed a mould to be CNC milled from a block of alucast so that I can pull GF resin vacuum infused parts from the ali mould. 8 of those, double em up and ill have 4 top and bottom wing panels. still working out the best draft angles and tooling for the master mould. will be testing on MDF first as the slab of alucast I need is about £90. Ill probably fill the wing panels with either plywood spars or polyurethane expanding foam. The lower wing panels will have internal CF spars to strengthen the lower wing panels for landing, and the upper panels will house my UHF RC control antenna, as well as my GPS antenna, Magnetometer and 5.8GHz Video Tx antenna. That funny looking thing floating below the cockpit is a 4" celestion driver (speaker) that will be attached to a sound module and 20w amp. blummin loud! Hidden inside the lower section of the cockpit with holes carefully placed should let a lot of the noise out. That and I don't plan on putting any glass in the windscreen. lots of time searching youtube and the rest of the net for appropriate noises and sound samples. Apologies for the lack of renderings in some of these images. The visualiser plugin isn't playing ball tonight. So far Ive got a good print of the Center spar cockpit links, and a windscreen I may redo. As well as a failed motor mount (didn't have enough grip on the motor arm). All in PLA/PHA from colorfabb. By far and away not my finest prints from any angle. Printed hard and fast for dimensional checks. So there you have it. Im almost done with the initial CAD drawing stages. Spent a long time upping the number of polygons on the cockpit as it looked a little blocky before. No doubt it isn't going to look all that spherical but I have limited free time, and if anyone has ever tried to mesh multiple structures onto a compound curve on sketchup before, then decided to add resolution to that curve... Well you have yet to visit that particular circle of hell. Suffice to say the devil is in the detail and Im very pleased with how the wing hubs have turned out and am anxious to print them. Gonna wait until I have cut my moulds and pulled some parts from them before that though as it's easier to tweek the printed part to fit the fibreglass panel. Also Im going to do a fair amount of finishing on this model, Either SmoothOn's XTC-3D which I have had some great success with in the past, or lots of sanding and some high build primer before base coat, weathering and topcoat. Hopefully all that mixed with it moving at 60 MPH while screaming like a banshee and firing blasters should distract from the slightly low poly cockpit . CJ
  9. Did you have a design in mind? I printed and flew a small lightweight model about 4 years ago, Printed in sections on my UP! Plus printer. For both the wings and fuselage I printed the ribs, leading and trailing edges, as well as the nose and tail of the plane. Linked the fuselage with CF Tubes (as suggested above). Then I covered it with solarfilm (a common RC plane wing skin material) which adhered to the ABS really well and shrinks when heated to form a tight skin over the wings and fuselage. Worked for me, printing the wings solid or hollow was too heavy for the size of model I had designed. CJ
  10. Do bear in mind, most low end UPS' have a changeover time. I've measured this across a few units with an oscilloscope and have found that the nasty "modified sine wave" (square wave to you and me) doesn't properly kick in for 15ms in some cases. If you really have a concern about this, look up a "duel conversion" UPS. They are always outputting from their inverter (and most output a proper sine wave). So when there's a blackout or brownout, the supply is never lost. Then it's just a case of sizing one for your printer. CJ
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