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  1. I was printing fine with CURA 2.6 before updating the firmware to 3.6.3. Now this morning CURA can't connect to my Ultimaker 3 via the ethernet/RJ45 plug. Has anyone else experience this? I have the connection status dumpfiles(not sure how to upload it). After running the connection status dump on the printer I downgrade to 3.5 which restores my ethernet connection with CURA.
  2. Thank you XYZDesignPro for answering my silly question! Now I feel more confident I won't destroy anything and I can't wait to print NylonX @pastaclub, that makes perfect sense I won't do dual extrusion but I guess it won't hurt to calibrate it at least once for the new core.
  3. Did you apply the magnetic base to a glass plate? Or did you apply it directly to the heated bed? Yea I applied the magnetic base to the glass plate. The prints stick too well in some case
  4. I had some adhesion issue too printing with Ultimaker PLA with no brim on just the glass. I bought the BuildTek flexplate system and it works great! Now I don't print with brim at all. The UM3 active leveling will account for the flexplate system. So that's not an issue.
  5. I also just got my HardCore and Everlast nozzle(.4 and .8 ). So I have a few questions. 1. I assume I can install the nozzle into the printcore(using the torque wrench provided) while it's not inserted into the printer, since both the core and nozzle are clean and brand new? 2. If I need to change everlast nozzle in the future , do I do it while the core is heated or should it be done after remove the printcore(when its cold)? 3. My UM3 is already calibrated - Is it normal to calibrate XY offset with a new core? Sorry for the stupid questions, I'm still fairly new to FDM printers and
  6. I had similar issue trying out a 1.75mm filament, I was watching the filament very carefully as it was printing. 1/4 of the way through the print, it started to clog but just before that I noticed the filament had a couple of deep grind . I guess once those grinds go into the print core it just jams. My tension setting is right in the middle too. I will try again with some new UM3 filament coming soon. Here's a good link about under extrusion: https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/21477-how-to-fix-under-extrusion I've experience jam/under extrusion on the supplied UM3 filaments also. It's a t
  7. thanks for tip about the tension adjustment! reading more of the manual now. And I manage to get the nozzle unclog it was very easy Doing some new prints now.
  8. @avluis, My nozzle on the outside is always clean, for whatever reason it is clog on the inside. Thanks for the link! I'll give it a try once I find some time(busy with a project for a client). @Zwakie, how do you adjust the tension on the feeder? Mines seem to be okay, it's alot less grinding than the one in this photo: https://d3v5bfco3dani2.cloudfront.net/photo/image/0x0/57ffa429dfe28/04%20PLA%20met%20tangetje%20vasthouden%20en%20in%20printkop%20duwen_3.jpg @ultairjan, yes I did the first time I insert the 2 filaments that came with the printer, though the tension was too much it won't
  9. New to 3d printing and definitely new to Ultimaker, UM3 being my first Ultimaker. I think my AA print core nozzle is clog because little to no plastic is extruding when I try to print. Is there a video on unclog it or advice on how to unclog it? The nozzle getting clog result in some mid print failures , until it totally stop extruding any plastic. I also read that the tension on the feeder can lead to a clog nozzle, how do you know if you have too much tension or too little? I see little tread marks on my filament they aren't deep but noticeable. How do you adjust the tension on the feeder?
  10. Hi SandervG, thanks for replying with the very helpful picture. I believe my grip was good, but for whatever reason it won't pop up, so using an extra finger to push the brass part up really helped things. The original core AA print core came with the UM3, so I didn't install it.
  11. Yup, it is stuck I can't pull it out. Is there another way to get it out without destroying the extruder? Can I take the screws out? The BB print core port seems to be fine I can insert and remove print core with ease. edit: I got it out, gotta be precise since it was kinda stuck. I had to push the brass part of the nozzle up and hold the black down and push the whole thing out at the same time. I switch out to the other AA core it seem easier to remove.
  12. Any word on a release date for the harden print core(for metal filament printing)?
  13. Not so odd, I just got my Ultimaker 3 today I ordered it from Dynamism a couple of days ago. Hopefully I didn't didn't a beta unit
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