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  1. Thanks for replying, will you allow the software to be open for public use or it is still in development?
  2. thank you for replying, so as I understand the slicer and the firmware can't support 2 extruders at the same time. do they have to be writing from scratch? or can they be modified? and how complicated is that?
  3. Hi, I'm working on building a 3D printer with two independent extruders (they move on the Z axis together but totally independent on the X and Y Axes). The aim is to be able to print one object by two extruders. this project could be based on Ultimaker original+ and I have no problem modifying the hardware. the problem I'm facing is the software, I have been trying cura to print few stuff and I know it support dual extrusion but not the way I want. I had a look on the json files of cura but my programming knowledge is very basic and I couldn't understand a lot. my I idea is to have two independent extruders where each one is free to move in the X and Y axes and once both extruders finish the layer the bed move in the Z axis to start the next layer (one extruder could finish before the other one). my question is which software should I use and how to modify it in a way that it would control the two independent extruders. sorry for the long speech but any tips on how or where to look would be appriciated
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