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  1. Gotta tell ya, most people will do that because they do not know where to begin. I remember when I first started here, I was using Cura before I got the printer to get familiar with the base process (even tried Simplify 3D, slicer, etc and just stayed with Cura. But even though I had spent that time preparing, it is so easy to miss many things. Basically, I agree and just roll with it because I had to ask questions (stupid ones just because I did not make a connection to certain things) and was nice to get an answer from someone to shortcut the confusion. 👍 Yep an
  2. If you take a look, your slice looks different than his slice. What difference did you make other than turning it upside down? Oh, and the upper left hand side does not seem to have any support in the hole there as it does in the other three holes.
  3. Yep, that is why I sliced the files for the OP instead of making the OP search for an old version and made clear that the difference in versions needs to be evaluated. I hope this does go into the Cura data for fixes.
  4. OK, here are a few files to see if everything is ok for you. Keep in mind that I have not upgraded beyond Cura 4.4. So if there is a bug in the version you are using, I have supplied additional files for you. Here is the sliced image from my system. No support in the holes. Since you have it set for the S5 I just hit slice. I made no changes to your file in anyway. The only difference is the version of Cura. 1st is the .3mf file from my system. Now, I am not sure this will help since the file may not slice the same way on a newer version. 1333205824_UMS5_part3_mod
  5. That would be the 'have to do everything' approach 😂 I am not that good 😉
  6. Did you try to download the file again? Files can be corrupted during that process. And, I have downloaded files from Thingiverse that have been poorly made/modified and corrupted.
  7. As @GregValiant noted, there were parts of the model floating about. That created the shadow profile. You can see the parts here: But there are a couple of other parts to this that make this a not so good model. First off, it has multiple parts to this instead of being one cohesive mesh. This is the first piece I found that was separate from the main mesh: When I deleted that, I still found another piece just floating over the main model: Once that final piece was deleted, the model was a single mesh and watertight. I do not know Fusion, bu
  8. Use what you are comfortable with and.... slowly dabble in new materials that are available in the width that works for your system. Also depends on what is available to you by way of outside sales.
  9. I cannot remember where I read it, but I believe the Pause at Height is not working with height, but is ok with the layer number. I am on an older version and I always use layer number and not height, so I am not sure. Maybe @gr5 can clarify?
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