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  1. "Big" blob and huge retraction UM3 after abort

    Whenever I have had this happen, it is when it starts to creep up high enough that I worry about the material filling into the printhead that I abort. Otherwise the same, I believe. I has been ages since it last happened.
  2. Polymaker Polybox?

    This is correct. It is not designed to dry out already humidified materials, just prevent humidity. A basic drybox. Hello
  3. We have some big news!

    In THAT vein... "Prepare for.... LUDICROUS PRINTS!!!!!!
  4. We have some big news!

    It's twue! IT'S TWUE!!!
  5. We have some big news!

    Prime Tower? We don't need no steekin' prime tower!!
  6. We have some big news!

    Pa-shaaaawww sed the guy who prints forever prints.... Lemme at it! I will see how long it takes to do monster prints!! LOL varoom VAROOM!!
  7. We have some big news!

    3 in a row! Buh DUMP PSSSsssshhhhhhh
  8. Is it Stringing or is worse ?

    I have printed crazier stuff vertically before and it worked out ok. This is from something I am going to be documenting online soon. It was produced while ill and just have a boatload of crap to sort through. But found this: These were printed vertical because neither would fit in horizontal position. It is a 1/8 scale turbo charged V8 style engine from the 50's - 70's Tom Daniels/Carl Casper type of funny cars and trikes. So, it is big.
  9. No skin under indents

    I just went with defaults on 0.2mm and got this: Starts to lay down the CT5 Gets to a spot 5 layers later that starts the other top surface And then prints around the debossed letters until finished. Am I missing something here? Below is the project file I created. 5 brownie points to whomever gets the pun. UM3E_ct-alpha-5.curaproject.3mf Edit: I just noticed that you are slicing for a hictop and not any UM printer. This means that there is a variance on what the slicer puts out. I think @smartavionics will be much better at sussing this out. Especially since he is a coder and may find wht the part in the hictop profile is missing to create that issue.
  10. Is it Stringing or is worse ?

    I think it would be helpful if you gave us information about your prepping process. How are you sticking your materials, cleaning your plates, are you still at 0.2mm, etc. The more information, the better.
  11. Cracks on ABS

    I know with ABS this is poor layer adhesion. Since I do not print with ABS, at all, I cannot say more than that. But, hopefully it points you in the right direction.
  12. Cracks on ABS

    For my own edification, What could it be if it just in odd areas and not all the way around?
  13. @rebekah_harper also did a do it yourself drying system. The advantage to using a dehydrator like that is to rejuvenate the materials. No matter how good the drybox solution, humidity will still get in, so it needs to be baked in a controlled environment. I would not trust a standard oven to have that level of control. Bex's solution was quite nice.
  14. UM3 flow rate affects both extruders

    Thank you for clarification! I would have thought so, but wanted to make sure.
  15. Have you looked a the Polybox or printdry systems or the do it yourself varieties of dry boxes?

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