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  1. 👍 Gots a ways to go.....But, thanks :)
  2. Thank you :) . I am still working on getting the whole 'thing' together with getting the brain engaged, eye hand coordination, painting and the actual digital sculpting. I am so slow these days.......
  3. Took me forever to do this. And it is still rougher than I would have liked. 3D concept rendering: Finished piece:
  4. I am thinking that this has to do with which axis the program of origin has set as its 'up axis'. Cura uses 'Z Up'. Many programs use 'Y Up.' Check to see if Solidworks uses 'Y Up.' It is also possible to just rotate the object to proper orientation in Cura to compensate for this. Also, Solidworks may allow an export to 'Z Up.'
  5. Tried throwing a dart to see if landed. While I tried it a long time ago with the X-Strand, I have printed with PP and had no issues, but then, I was not pushing design boundaries. I was using compact, vertical designs in both X-Strand and UM PP. I can say that I remember making sure the plate was super duper clean and a very thin film of PVA. I was also in a very climate controlled room with low humidity.
  6. Thanks @cloakfiend 🙂 The surgery was back in January, but troubles persist. I cannot tell you how many prints are made, but due to fine motor control issues, I have not been able to finish them. Kinda hard to paint without fine motor control. Kinda makes sanding and finishing a bit difficult. Lots of issues that myself and the medical team are working to find ways to help things out. Just gotta remap the brain, if possible..... But, that print looks awesome :) Glad to hear that the 3D pen is working for you.
  7. This is a work in progress. Since surgery, I am working with some side effects (still) so, I am slow and having to work bunches to get around them. Printed on the S5. This is the model on the build plate. Still not finished. Gotta really sharpen details and work a bit more on the overall bust. Sliced, you can see the details disappear..... Print is rough as hell....After years of no PVA issues, getting them now... ☹️
  8. I do not know Tinkercad, so I ask about importing, or creating a vector line and just extrude without all the booleans?
  9. Maybe @fbrc8-erin may have some reference material she knows of.
  10. On a technicality, I would disagree about the manual leveling not helping. In a broader sense, it is good to do a manual leveling periodically to correct for the buildplate 'settling' by way of many things. Basically, the more level the buildplate the less correction the active leveling process goes through.
  11. I love it when our community does thins like this. 😁It is so nice to see people look after others that have different printers. Makes me feel like this is a real community. Though I do not have the printer, I really like this participation 👍
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