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  1. 👍 What layer height are you slicing? could also depend on orientation of model on printbed.
  2. Insert a box in the jaws of the model. Then use 'per model' settings to tell it to print as support. Make sure you turn off the support for the main model though or it will put support where it always does.
  3. Yeah, still not a good thing for those without the wifi to do so, yes? And, not saying why it is unavailable is kinda not helpful either.
  4. Yeah, just clicked the link in the first post and it does not have any download options for USB. I find this to be a bit surprising as it assumes that everybody is on unlimited bandwidth. I am on a metered connection for now and this prevents me from updating my systems. So, what is the difference between downloading the software to USB or direclty to the machine? Well, To use the machine itself and wifi, increases 'chatter' between machine and whatever is connected on the other end. My basic procedure is this: If I am checking email or reading articles, I engage the wifi on the computer only. When not doing so, I disengage the wifi. How do I know that there is chatter on the wifi when not using a browser? Well, I can see the activity happen on the wifi indicator on the wifi unit. Things are always pinging out, checking for this and that. It adds up. I do not stream movies. I do not watch TV on the internet. But I still struggle to stay under 50GB per month because of all the crap that is sent back and forth. So, my question is whether I will be able to upgrade my machine operating systems via USB or not? If not, then I have to re-evaluate a few things because these machines are stuck in this time warp of non update and I do not think that is a good thing. I can still print, but have to put up with firmware that has a lot of issues. And, that limits the fun.
  5. That is the thing. It completes all active leveling and just homes to the docking postion without any errors. Then, the screen just goes to the very top menu (Please select print from USB).
  6. Ohhhh...my mistake. Duhhhhhhh.........
  7. I think this is the leading STL checker online: https://service.netfabb.com/login.php I thought freecad had a better reputation than this seems to present.
  8. Yeah, the dent is a separate issue, But the 'topographical map' look of the surrounding area is looking to be the stairstep due to the angle of the curvature. You can see it in your slice.
  9. My S5 has been doing something weird. It goes through the active leveling on the many points (Extruder 1), then goes to a 3 point leveling (extruder 2), parks the head with the buildplate in raised posiotion, homes the printhead and then just goes right back to the main menu to 'Select a print from USB.' I am not using Cura Connect or wifi. I am doing it the old way. I am not using the beta version of firmware, but am on the latest stable release. It is very, very annoying to keep cycling the printer through this and then have to keep doing it until it decides to work. 😕
  10. looks like underextrusion.
  11. I am hoping someone from Team Ultimaker will see this to verify or, clarify this. My memory ain't so good since surgery. It may be just general electrical interference. The good thing is that you can turn off the active leveling after manual leveling. It generally lasts as long as you have the same buildplate in place.
  12. When I first inquired about this when I got my first UM3E (right after product launch), I remember being told here that the machine is susceptible to RF interference. With that machine, I have had to do what you did. Manually level and just print. It does not happen all the time, but when it does, I have to do as you did and then a bit later, it goes back to normal.
  13. The model has all sorts of STL errors. Basically, it is not watertight. Here is a pic of the STL Check I ran in 3DS MAX. What this does is prevent the slicer from detecting a true inside and outside, therefore putting support everywhere. I am going out on a limb and guessing this is another Sketchup file.
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