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  1. I have used placed supports for various reasons. Sometimes to physically hold a piece in places like a small pyramid underneath a part to hold it in place so it does not get knocked off the support structure. Like this: In this case the character's butt got knocked off the PVA supports after two days of printing. 😬 The manual supports pinned key areas while PVA did the rest. That is when I added the manual supports. Manual supports were added after that fiasco. Got a nice print after that. Edit: They popped right off and then a quick X-Acto blade shave to d
  2. I do not use tree supports, so I am not really helpful here.
  3. Lawsy, I hope so! A good grin in the AM is a good thing. And all puns are allowed as they are 2/3 P-U 😛
  4. I do not really mess with z-seam settings since most of my stuff is organic in nature. I also mainly use TPLA these days and it x-acto's very cleanly. So, I may be just slicing off the tell tale signs with the blade.
  5. As soon as the printer cannot detect the UM chip it should ask for you to identify the filament type you are loading.
  6. I think that discussing why a print is aborted is perfectly fine as it can lead to new information for more a better print experience. Especially if you are new to printing.
  7. OK, I took a look and this is what I found: The PLA/PLA combo is not really needed. If nozzle 1 & 2 are using the same material, there is no real gain. However using PLA as support has different tolerances between the support and the model itself. More gap for better removal of the supports. There is no harm in using the PLA, just know it has different requirements than if you used PVA as the support such as this file I saved for you so you can see the difference. Just load and hit slice and you will see it works. UMS5_1756110576_UMS5_conicalcupaeroarmwithchamf
  8. Have you checked the feeder tension? If too much it will grind up the filament, too loose and it does not grab enough to feed the filament. Check to see if the core does not require a hot/cold pull. That is all I have right now off the top of my head. If I think of more I will amend this post 🙂
  9. If I am reading this correctly, he knows the part is made a certain way, he just does not know why it will not put supports under the round part. Thanks for putting that in 🙂
  10. Please save the project file and upload so we can see the issue itself.
  11. That is a very broad question. Please let us know a type of example of what you want to create so we can guide you better. There are a lot of choices of program types depending on what your final intent would be. 🙂 And welcome 🙂 this is a cool place.
  12. Yes, I am that old. And no, I do not kiss and tell 😛
  13. You have come to the right place 🙂 Welcome!
  14. This is a prelim test of the character "Eternity" from Marvel comics. Illustration ^^^^^ (not mine) So I started to make my own 3D version. I am trying to keep the 'graphic' quality by painting in false hilites. This is just a test and I will be doing more before I print the full sculpt (about 17" Tall. Still trying to figure how far I can take the paint job to try and keep the spirit of the character.
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