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  1. kmanstudios

    Architect Design Contest | People

    Thank you :)
  2. kmanstudios

    Architect Design Contest | People

    Thank you :)
  3. kmanstudios

    Post your latest print!

    That is clever! And, yeah, is it not amazing that you can easily start to find projects that will just fill up your printing area? Edit: PVA sammich...nom nom nom....mmmmmmmm
  4. kmanstudios

    Architect Design Contest | People

    Thanks!! Admit it....it was the Pink Floyd piece that threw it into recognition....for all the Architects who have felt burned over their careers 🙂 But on a serious note, thanks. And, it has been a pleasure to work on something that will be a contribution to a community.
  5. kmanstudios

    Ultimaker S5 - one material appears to be empty

    Yes, definitely go with the firmware upgrade. I have not had the machine bricked yet on my end. And, it does make a difference in the performance of the machine.
  6. kmanstudios

    Ultimaker S5 - one material appears to be empty

    On the main screen hit the gear icon. then go to the settings button. Flow sensor will be in there....second from top.
  7. kmanstudios

    Forest of Doom

  8. kmanstudios

    Forest of Doom

    I know the feeling :)
  9. kmanstudios

    Forest of Doom

    I think this is it. I have not tried it but one time and it was not good for my super wacky fractal stuff. But give it a shot on something simple to test it. I am guessing a bit here as I have not tested it since I went to scaffolds for more traditional models to print.
  10. kmanstudios

    Does anyone know why I get these lines.

    Learn something new every day! Thanks!
  11. kmanstudios

    Forest of Doom

    Thank you for clarifying :) Sometimes I think I need an interpreter....always why I preferred to show rather than tell.
  12. kmanstudios

    Forest of Doom

    My supports usually do not fail like that. This is an image of something I will be posting soon. This is the PETG and Taulman T-Glas print I did a ton of post processing on. Look how spindly that support is on the right side. That was just the most visible on this view. Before anybody asks, it is a Venom piece using fractals to do the sculpt, so it is a bit impressionistic in approach. Bit, I wonder why yours failed. Have you tried towers (In support section of Cura) or conical support (In experimental) to spread the base a bit?
  13. kmanstudios

    Low cost good filament

    Not necessarily. I found with quality filament, the UM settings are very good for me. But, then again, I am on UM machines too. And quality is not always a price issue.
  14. kmanstudios

    Forest of Doom

    That has been an issue for me as well in times past. Now I just juggle things based on when everything has to come together. For instance, the Duck Vader thing. I had done all the 'serious' sculpting for one day on the barbarian, had manipulated the first of my Venom prints )post processing) and a series of other things all day. But I had energy yet to burn. Just wanted to do something loopy and not intensive. Also, procrastinating can lead to being in a hurry when you get started finally. It is a balance. Could not post Venom until I had the 'straight print' ready to post with it for comparison, did not have the brain cells to edit and organize posts for post processing or modeling posts. So, what I have learned to do is work on several things at once and organize the prints in the order that makes the most sense to me. That way I have time for other things. Like one thing I need to do is get started on epoxying the Dino Diorama. But, that is a space issue. All parts are printed, but the space it will take is an issue. And, it just happened that the Duck Vader thing just fit fit nicely in between important prints or filled voids of time properly. I have so many backlogged prints and ideas it is not funny. So, as I get up to check on prints and such, I see that you should be off from work right about now. Good luck on the print!! Cannot wait to see it.
  15. kmanstudios

    Forest of Doom

    That matey is the worst! But, it does give you time to refine and plan things. The way my mind works is that I can picture every step I will take and every menu item I will use and break down the process for hen I get to sit down and do it. Then I just plow into it and let it rip, so to speak..... That is what I am doing. Breaking jobs into parts that the printers maximize my output. I am not a purest by any means, so, whatever printer it will fit on, it gets used. And with the consistent quality of the UM3Es and the S5 in my house, it lends towards expected results. When it does not do so, it is that strange 18" error gap..... The distance between myself and the computer 😄 otherwise known as User Error 🤣

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