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  1. If you want large bearings made in China.......
  2. Sounds interesting. Do you know what is in it? Seems with being washable, it would have to be some sort of PVA type of base. Smell? Ease of dissolvement?
  3. They count on us to not have a life, or, common sense.....
  4. I have used a PVA slurry and PVA brims. I do have a piece of bubble wrap to tape over the front when using materials that require a more constant texture. You will find a test I did in Gigi's threads linked to above.
  5. Really cool Thanks for the hard work!!
  6. Thank you. It was nice to see the pages again, restored to a pleasant experience.
  7. Now the spam is getting to be from people like you see on some 'comments' sections. You know, the ones that are telling everybody how lonely they are and looking forward to hooking up and stuff. They tried to start here and they took it down very quickly. But, it would seem youmagine is not policed regularly.
  8. And, I just went and looked and it is really covered again.....:( And there IS a Skype Spam posting!!!!
  9. Actually, there was new spam today. I 'created and issue' and it was removed post haste. LOL It was some router support company. Two separate postings. In the issue I created I said that 'Monty Python had nothing on them with the SPAM'. LOL OK...if you do not know that means, then search monty python spam....
  10. Version 1.0


    This is the original Enterprise. Well, one of the three used in production. Based off Alan Sinclair's Blueprints, which are regarded as the most accurate available. http://www.cygnus-x1.net/links/lcars/sinclair-enterprise.php This has two sets of Enterprises: One is a lower Rez version and the other high reZ version. I have a great fondness for this ship since as a child, it was the one that broke the mode of flying saucers and tube rockets. A truly revolutionary design that has spawned many great versions through the decades. The stand is included here to be combined as one color or made as
  11. My bad...I did mean the Isopropyl. DurrrhhhhhhLOL My favorite method of adhesion is recycled PVA. So far, it has worked well, even up to 100° C.
  12. I have not tried geert_2's method of salt yet, so I cannot comment. But I will strongly echo the clean glass statement. I go the extra step (because I am not using salt or tested the method yet) of cleaning with alcohol. Then I put on my special Papa K's Slurry slush. And when a print comes off that does not pull up the slurry, I will still wipe the surface gently with alcohol (right over the PVA slurry). Basic over the counter, 79 - 99 % pure. I always use the highest grade I can get locally just to cut down on contaminants.
  13. If nothing has changed, assuming all other factors are the same (adhesion, temps, etc.) and the Nylon is the same, I would think that maybe an environmental factor may be involved as well. Or, is it a new batch of Nylon? We had a humid weekend here last week and it made my PVA not want to stick to plastics. Did ok on the glass bed, but a trial run just got worse and worse as the humidity got to it. I could hear the cracking of the filament grow as the night progressed. Nylon absorbs moisture a lot too. Sometimes I hear it crackle :(
  14. I have used good old fashioned Testors modeling glue as well as some of the others mentioned. It is a welding agent, but can be messy if you are not used to it. Not a fast dry though. No burns or other issues so far. Even worked with Ultimaker nylon But, types of PLA, environment and other issues can cause any glue to fail. Prep is everything.
  15. Wow...it really is bad. I went there today to look at a print and took a while to find it from all that mess that has nothing to do with 3D printing. Just so-so cartoon art. And, no, I am not a snob. I love comics and am a cartoonist at heart meself.
  16. That is interesting. I've been playing with annealing the materials I am playing with. Thanks!
  17. I am printing my first Polycarbonate prints and experimenting with PVA supports and such. Ain't no flex in Polycarbonate as far as I can tell. I will be posting a G-Code, Project file and models once I am satisfied with the results. Will that suffice? It will not damage your nozzle. Carbon Fiber can wear out a brass nozzle quickly from what I understand. Saving the sheckles for the cool new print cores that are now coming out to do Carbon Fiber and other brass killing filaments meself.
  18. For school use, your student, or co-students, will have a blast. And, for school use, it will be perfect as it has a good design for ease of use. My only complaint (and you really have to spend megabucks to overcome this) is that you need to tote a laptop when scanning. There are some good youtube videos on operation. But with the newer Sense 2 it is easier to work.
  19. I have one. It is not bad. Not great. It is a good value. I would say it depends on the size of your scan target and the detail needed. Just know that in my research, I found that to get an appreciable amount of difference in quality required a jump in price of more than 5 times the cost. That was a year ago, and tech does evolve. To get a real difference, you are looking at a starting investment of about 9K USD. That would be the Artec Evo Light. Also know that the scanner has trouble with scanning anything below a certain darkness. Tried scanning some of my students and those with very d
  20. That makes sense. I am just leery when it is a 'quote request' Vs. Just telling the price with options. I do like that it is enclosed very much and the ability to have multiple nozzles are nice. But, as I am just starting out, I am hoping by the time I get around to looking at the large format printers, Ultimaker will have something comparable size-wise. But that is sweet looking. And big!!
  21. I looked up the 3ntr A2 and it has the ol' "ask for a quote." Just how much is that thing? I agree about putting together a printer at my level of experience. At this stage, although I do like tinkering, I also prefer to have it come in and get to work.
  22. LePaul...LePaul...LePaul.... Sigh...now I have to go look that stuff too!! LOL I am very curious about these types of machines as I gain understanding and hearing this info from you guys is very helpful, such as giving me new things to look up to know what you are talking about. I have been doing mostly materials sciences and trying a bunch of filaments out, so most tech I have learned is very specific to the UM3+. It be good to branch out a bit
  23. Schweet!! I had to go look it up because I could not figure a small printer inside a large frame I would be interested to hear what you think about it when you do print with it. Will yours have dual extrusion, what materials capable, etc?
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