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  1. I cannot agree with this. That is like saying that not taking care of any other issue will cause problems and therefore, everything else is at fault when the root cause is user error. My ABS is not sticking to the PVA!!! My PP does not stick like PLA!!, etc. etc. All false equivalencies in the idea that everything can be compensated for. @Digibike is on the right track to dealing with an issue with something other than "It ain't all perfect." It takes into account the occasional user error, or, repeated user error as well as other issues that can arise. Nothing meant ne
  2. Interesting idea. But to be honest, I have not had parts tear off the print. When I first started I did have issues with plate adhesion and some things came loose, dragging the part around and creating the super clog. Once I solved my adhesion issues, the problem went away completely.
  3. Threads exist for a variety of reasons. By this reasoning, I am the greatest elephant hunter in NYC. Why? Because there are none around. Not really a rigorous explanation. Sounds like a recurring issue for you regardless of machine or hotend. Also, the 'super clogs' posted are not because of the hotend. It is because parts come loose, get dragged around and the material backs up into the mechanism. This is not a nozzle or hotend issue. This is 99% of the time, poor adhesion to the buildplate. This does not mean that things will not
  4. Anything to back that up? Been working fine for me since inception.
  5. It seems to have separated a bit on a 'thin' area where it would build on, but then seemed to recover and actually support the area it needed to support. The real question is what does it look like when the PVA is dissolved? Ultimately, that is the only real question: What does it look like when the PVA is dissolved?
  6. Tested it out. It seems on my installation (4.0 Beta 2) it 'holds' the z position once aligning to the flat surface. This was consistent wherever I put it. In this case, I moved it above the plate.
  7. Maybe the message should just be more inclusive so there is no disparity between online and in Cura? Edited because I cannot type worth a damn these days....
  8. Depends on the model involved. My stuff is usually delicate and spindly in nature. So, PVA for me so far. My stuff is more art oriented and not functional parts like most people's stuff..... If solid and not delicate, you may want to try the breakaway material.
  9. Not generally. At some point, it may get caught in the other material and create little holes that make the model not watertight. But my experience so far with the TPLA is that it has not created this issue for me since TPLA was released. So far, I have only used the UM TPLA. This is one material I really like and see no reason to go with other brands. Also, remember, PVA is just a pain to print with even in the best of circumstances. This is a link to a post that addresses an issue that may arise because of, well, several reasons:
  10. The brim only will work with the fact that the model comes off clean when dissolved. As far as the PVA having strings/blemishes, it is not an issue as long as it does not interfere with the other material. The only time to really have a worry about PVA is when it gets lacy and not printing a solid wall.
  11. On the PVA or on the TPLA or both? The PVA can be that way many times without creating an issue. I routinely get a bunch of little PVA crud at the buildplate like it is shedding. I routinely use the PVA brim. Its major advantage is that it keeps you from having to manually trim the brim and you get a clean edge at the print/plate junction. Edit: The PVA brim only works with materials that will adhere to the buildplate well on its own.
  12. I am curious to the fact that I am not seeing these issues on my 3.6 installation. Here is the G-Code. CFFFP_2036387790_Curaerror.gcode This is also what I did when I went in and 'fixed' my installs (3.6 and then 4.0 beta 2) I was having issues with my Cura. I killed all setup files, all Cura files and folders and did a fresh install of 3.6. I only installed 4.0 beta recently. During 4.0 beta I told it to not uninstall anything.
  13. Try upping the support interface thickness. On a more 'hands on' approach, I have taken to making certain support structures to do exactly what you are doing. I do it to not waste so much expensive PVA materials. Here is an example: I used material colour in the right view so you could see it properly. This involves making the left side prism as a separate object to give it different properties. Single walled to cut down on material usage. Surprisingly, it printed quite well. On the left side Red is the PLA and blue is the PVA.
  14. Oddly, when I sliced his original file in 3.6, this is what I got. I co not see the weird errors shown above. Or, it is just too early in the morning and I cannot breathe.....😜
  15. I am preparing my first PP print (UM Brand) and the tool tip says to use glue. The online printing tips say to use a PP based packing tape or adhesion sheets. I checked with someone and they confirmed packing tape. This can cause confusion. Thought you should know.
  16. Probably because it is not an official release.....
  17. This has only happened to me if I get excessive curling on the material. I routinely print full height in many cases. So, the pushing down the top of the clips solved that for me when I get the curling. I am thinking not since it could void your warranty and also create issues with the bed leveling.
  18. I am kinda wondering why you would want to do this when a simple pushing of the clip brackets can do the job. Seems like 'make work.'
  19. You can always print a clip, but when it has happened to me (I pushed the clips down, front and rear to make them grab the plate much more) I just taped them a bit on the sides.
  20. I am thinking that this is rolled into the product price over the long term. And, yeah, the fan bracket is an issue. But, you can print addons that solve the issue. Remember that UM and most other printer companies come from the background of "DIY" on printing parts and such and are maturing into companies that have to actually make robust turnkey solutions. There are flaws, but I have seen much growth in my time using UM machines. And, if you look at some of my posts, I do call 'em as I see 'em. Not always polite or apologetic. Just blunt.
  21. I would take exception to that because of the globality of the statement. Are there a few issues? Yeah, but overall, 'the printhead' has a lot of very, very good engineering.
  22. Did that for a long time until the heat caused the rubber band to degenerate very quickly. That is when I made my UM3 bracket. BUT! It does work until you get the thing printed. If your luck is like mine, it would pop open whilst printing the bracket and cause more issues.
  23. I would also thin the side arms so it does not interfere with the switching mechanism and the homing mechanism.
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