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  1. My first 2 Color Print with massive overhangs and no supports. A bit of cleanup required to remover a bit of underside strings, but really impressed. Settings in Cura 2.4 Basic Draft for PLA (Both Colors) 2 walls Hollowed out Make overhangs printable (65°) (found by doing overhang tests prints. 65° is where I found I get a decent bottom and top. Coasting enabled (Default settings) 0.1 expansion on both colors to make them overlap a bit and bond better. Tape dispenser for scale In me tiny hands Some Teacandle tests each 'lamp' printed with no support (single color only) Just throwing them in to save multiple posts Still greatly in the newbie phase, but the machine is very robust and compensates a lot for this clumsy noob.
  2. Hi Eric, one reason is probably that there's not such a thing like "UM3-Extended - Error 12C". I assume, that you have to be a bit more precise, if you want useful hints from the community... Where have you bought your printer? Your reseller should be able to forward you to a trained person who can sort this out (together with you). Yeah, well, if they want a better error report, they should get off a dotmatrix style readout. Seriously lower case i and 1 look almost the same. I've said it before and will say it again, for such a high end machine, to be using basic FAT32 and dotmatrix readout twirly thing, blah, blah, blah is really strange.
  3. And to further update this: It was an i2C error... not a 12C error. Some of these fonts look alike on that dinky screen. Got in touch with fbrc8 support and they got me working well again...so far. Here is the page they linked me too. I only had to do steps 4 & 5. The connector had worked loose a bit. That doesn't bother me as I am old enough to remember when you actually picked up your computer about and inch and dropped it to help reseat the chips.....yes, that was a thing in those days. So far, it has not errored out as before. If you get the error, check this link: https://fbrc8.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000062743-Disconnecting-the-Printhead-UM3-UM3X- and make sure to check with support to avoid voiding the warranty. So, it was the connectors so far. Will update only if information is warranted for the community.
  4. This is an update. I called Matterhackers and they clarified a few things. 1. The machine does not load into RAM and then execute. It is constantly using the USB to print from (constant communication). 2. Though this may be old news to the experienced, but I have never used a computer based piece of equipment that required constant communication like this. All previous computer equipment ran on RAM until it had to resort to read/write operations. Well, not on anything 'modern.' 3. This will burn out USB devices. They are great transfer devices, but not constant work drives. 4. Can only read FAT32? Seriously? This is a great disappointment in many ways as I did not and will not run from my computer or wifi. So, switched the USB and will see if it is the drive or the USB itself. Will post as I find more information.
  5. Bump...Seriously? Nobody has a clue or will answer? I contacted Ultimaker about another issue a month or so back and they say to post here. I post here and nothing. This is becoming more common. I even rebooted the machine BEFORE I started a print and 3 outlines in, it dies with the error. I love the machine, but not if I can't count on it or information.
  6. Here is something I just found. I was looking for information myself. https://ultimaker.com/en/community/34784-best-settings-for-support-structures It's a nice thread, especially if you are making your own models.
  7. For some reason, I am getting this error. Happened once last week, but now it has happened twice in less than 6 hours on different prints. One was 2/3 through a 32 hour print and this last one was about 1 hour in, with one print in between. I dumped logs from the printer. Where to send them? No Wifi or Ethernet. Just USB interface. Thanks, Eric
  8. I am new to this, so I am not sure where the answer may be. But I noticed on a print I am doing right now that the nozzle goes to the prime tower at every layer whether it is changing nozzles or not. Got a bunch of layers on top of the supports, and nothing but one material left, but it still goes to the prime tower at every level. A big waste of time and filament. Am I missing something? I did just download 2.4 beta...in there maybe?
  9. I had that happen once. But when I did a manual leveling, it went away.
  10. Hey there. Got my Ultimaker 3 extended about 2.5 weeks ago. Didn't touch it as I was busy and distracted until last Saturday. Been having a blast. It has been fun. This machine is cool and forgiving. Clumsy..see? But, I am playing around and just having fun. It's been running for the last week now and any issues have been user error and well...a noob. But, I am getting prints out and even got NinjaTek Semiflex to print decently. Well, to my inexperience I am happy. Soooo much fun to learn!! The Allosaurus model is mine. I have been playing with downloaded files too. The PLA Dino is printed at normal with a length of 6". The SemiFlex was printed in Draft mode. Man that Semiflex is BLACK!!! Hard to photograph. >_< Been playing with hard lock ball and socket joints, soft lock with the semiflex and just having a ball! Wheeeee! Been doing that thing where you just keep fiddling with it. Learned a lot of stupid things like keep your hands out of the build area when running...pause instead if you gotta play in the area. Duhhhhh..... Great Machine Gotta build a dry box feeder. Wow the PVA is popping and such. But still only a week in. Time is on my side, I hope.
  11. That appears to have done it. I never would have thought to look there. Kinda the problem with help files. If you don't know what to search for, you can get lost. Thanks!!
  12. I can;t find a way to stop Cura from moving around the viewport as I adjust models. It's like it's moving around on its own and it makes me a bit sea sick. Also, when I set a view to manipulate, I'd like it to stay there. Can't find anything on this.
  13. @Berndjm-----I had to take off all the mesh fixes to get it to work. But, if you're setting it up in right in your 3D Package, no need for them, eh? @IRobertI-----I'm just testing out things right now. Since I can't get the printer until December, I'm setting up files to see what it does when it gets here. And, also apparently learning about the software too! LOL But I have a few projects that I want to try and see just how far I can push it. Besides, it's a Fractal.....it supposed to look 'off' a bit anyway Thanks for the suggestion about the mesh fixes.
  14. The object passes all the 3DS MAX STL checks. Looks good. Is fully enclosed. Why would an open model like this cap across these surfaces? Solid View with all the proper indentations: Sliced view with all the capping across the voids:
  15. Ok, as far as I know, I got it licked. Turns out it was the priming tower was located 'inside the print area'. Once I found that I got my stage together in MAX so that I can output at 100%. Thanks for the links to the information. It really helped a lot. Can't wait for December to get the printer and test some of this stuff out beyond the software. This is one of the things I could not get to load and slice until recently. Thanks!!
  16. I'll have to take a look. But, for general knowledge, if I place a box in that space, it will need a brim too?
  17. I am very new to all of this. I am experimenting with the software before I buy the printer (Um3 Extended) and I may be doing something wrong. I dunno, but it doesn't make sense to me. All things are exported out in millimeters for proper size checks and compatibility with the software. I am running the Cura 2.3 with the profile of Ultimaker 3 extended. But, quoting the below figures for dual extrusion, I have to reduce a model to about 85% of it's size to let it start slicing. I am using 3DS MAX. I am building the objects within a volume using (x) 7.8, (y) 8.5 and (z) 11.8. Everything is at 100% scaling before export to STL. Using a bit of 'margin' in MAX, I make sure all things are within that volume easily and not pushing edges at all. But an 85% reduction is strange to get it to start to slice. And, it throws all of my engineering our of whack. i.e. A battery pack ain't gonna fit a battery if it's been reduced by 85% of the scaled 3D object. And, even when I import it into Cura at 100%, it does not even come close to the greyed border edges. Am I missing something? Sizes as used Dual extrusion: 197 x 215 x 300 mm (7.8 x 8.5 x 11.8 inches)
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