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  1. Blender is an all 'round polygonal modeler with both organic and mechanical properties built in. There are some incredible plugins that can be purchased (minor costs) that greatly extend the capabilities of Blender. HardOps is amazing. masterxeon1001 knocks this outta the ballpark: And there are architecture tools (Just load this and let it autoplay through until you are bored: There are tones of tools to do a lot of things. But, be warned, Blender is not an easy tool to use. Powerful but really difficult to learn. A bit laid
  2. What are your overhang settings? That will greatly influence how much, and where, supports are added. And, then there is the support's horizontal expansion. This will greatly influence other aspects of the support structure. As or the support not touching, I am going to venture that is a limitation of the graphical representation. I have seen that on my slices and not had an issue with contact in the actual print.
  3. My guess is that it depends on where you are. Here in the US, there is no shortage. Where are you? I would think supply lines would vary country by country and you just got shorted on luck at the moment. As for being phased out, I would doubt it as it is part of the UM3 and S5 series required parts. And, although expensive, a really nice piece of engineering that solves a lot of issues.
  4. If I am correct (it has been a bit of time) I have used it just fine in 3.6 and 4.0.
  5. T-Glase is one of my favorite filaments for transparencies.
  6. What about people that are having some success, but no real understanding of why? Or, why things can go sideways when it always worked before? And, I really hope there is something about what all these crazy terms mean......
  7. Seems to me that the texture (which would not just sit on the surface) would have some affect on the sound much the same way different woods with different grain patterns/densities shape an instument's sound. I can see where different infill patterns, densities, varying densities, etc. can also affect the sound. This would also go for different cavities and such
  8. If it is not melted together as one piece of filament, it will not retract the loose end. It will push it just fine, but not pull it. I know. I tried. It sucked......
  9. Have you taken the feeder off and cleaned it out? Grinding may have made it to where it no longer grips if the knurled wheel is fouled with filament dust. Have you taken the bowden tube off and cleaned it out to make sure there is not dust in it to help create more friction? Have you considered that you may need to increase the feeder tension just a slight bit? Do the above first, then try to increase the feeder tension.
  10. Kinda curious which filament is causing this. Would it be PVA based filaments?
  11. A screenshot of what you are seeing is important as there are several grey areas that you could be referring to that are normal.
  12. If you are looking for mass production, FDM, or really, any 3D printing will not compete with it. One offs, prototypes, jigs and fixtures, specialty items that can command a higher than normal price, etc. But not mass production.
  13. I always turn off the snap to buildplate. But there is a trick you can use. Select the models and group them. Then hold CTRL and left click on the modifier and it will let you transform the modifying model into the air as you see fit. It is a good idea to group these models anyway to you can transform them as a unit and not have them lose position should need to adjust their position, rotation or scales anyway.
  14. It is not part of the system. You just bring in a cube or box object to use. It is 'per model' settings and if you have one object selected, no matter how many on the buildplate, you can still get to it.
  15. All makes sense 👍 Edit: I do like 4 beta though......
  16. My question would be why you have not upgraded to 3.6 which has a lot of bugs solved. This may be one of them?
  17. I feel like the 'Lone Ranger.' "HIYO Printer! AWAY!!!"
  18. I would. I like the blob. Because it leaps and creeps and slides and glides......ok...off on a tangent..... But, I like the blob because I have come to gauge the flow of my materials by it. And THAT illustrates why an option to turn it on or off and leave it that way would be good. :) And, so, we can ride off into the sunset, knowing that betwixt us two, we have saved the slicing world together!! 🤣
  19. I disagree. Think of it this way, how many times do users forget which printer has which controls on by default? Then multiply that by bazillions of slices. That is a lot of lost time. I know it is not fashionable to think of things like increased or decreased clicks and corrections that can just be avoided and streamline operations. Or, just make the choice and the slicer remembers the settings, but that would be sucked away by the change in materials or layers, etc. Even better, throw in an option for users to make that choice so they do not have to turn things on or
  20. Those are well stated reasons. 🙂 Always glad to hear that no matter what side of the fence one may be on. @gr5 is very, very knowledgeable on the UM2 series as well as ABS. Not sure about the PC materials, but, maybe solving one would be tantamount to solving both?
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