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  1. On average, the print times are around 7 days. Here are a few more that I got pics of:
  2. These are some weird critters I have been making. One of the changes I made in my design is to not make such spindly things because I ran out of PVA materials. I had two spools of White Breakaway. I also tried to print without supports as well as experimented with PLA supports as well and eventually wound up with a mix of PLA and white breakaway supports. But first I designed a couple of things that did not require supports. This just some odd thing I made while trying to work in a basically 'primitive' style. I printed this on my UM3E with the wobbly head. So, layers are bit more
  3. Not sure I could offer anything more than a demonstration of techniques. If you can form a picture in your mind, you can do it. 🙂 Precise vocabulary on the fly is difficult.
  4. I have some really bizarre things I will take pics of tomorrow to post. I actually did those way back in the S5 beta test machines and testing some cool materials. The guys stand on their own. So, I got lucky with the balance in the sculpt. Oddly, the idea sprouted out of another visual pun during that time:
  5. This is a sculpt I actually did pre-surgery. I just got around to painting it. First off, this was printed on my UM3E with the wobbly head. It was never meant to be a show piece hence the visible layering and such. But, I thought it had a bit of charm to the concept. So, Painted them eventually and this is the piece: apologies to Billy Joel.......
  6. About 8PM Local time (Brooklyn) a 7.5 day print finishes. I will let it sit overnight to cool and be much easier to remove from the bed in the morning. Then I will put finished prints on the bed and take pics. Got some really odd stuff coming out as soon as I get pics taken tomorrow.
  7. It is good to be back. 🙂 I will have more prints to post soon.
  8. I have actually used this feature many times. Just be aware that if you use an image with bad, low-rez size you will see the individual pixels as a layer. And best to convert to BW image so there is no guess work with a colour photo.
  9. 😆 So true!!! One of the frustrating things is my lack of ability to keep an image in my mind like I used to. So I can only work for a short period of time before I lose the image and have to stop. One of the reasons I have not finished Cousin Eerie himself. I cannot figure what to do with the legs in the display because I cannot figure much else to put into the room. I do not want to replicate 'Uncle Creepy's" display. One of the fun things about doing the Cousin Eerie head was deciding what to make it look like based off the original art direction. For instance, he has
  10. Thanks to you guys 🙂 You know what is really funny to me? Even now when I work, say in 3DS MAX (Which I have used since version 1 way back in '91) I still retain a lot of muscle memory. So when I am working, my hand will go to the proper place and then I have to sit there and wonder what my arm was trying to use. I will look at the area my hand is at and think "Now, what am I trying to do..." 🙃
  11. Okay, it has been a long time since I posted any new prints. For full disclosure, a couple of years ago I had major surgery on the major aorta that feeds the femoral arteries and the left branch ripped. Lost a lot of blood and had a minor (Thank goodness!!!) stroke. It has impacted me in ways that impact my planning and visual processes. Not gone, just limited and slowly getting better. But, wow, am I slooooowww....... So, I had made this previous print before the stroke but printed and painted it after the stroke: So, this spring I started one of the companion pieces:
  12. Not that I notice. What the lack of a priming tower means for me is a lot less time and loss of very expensive PVA material. I will be posting prints soon so you can see what is going on with my prints. I am just a bit slow these days. When I post, I can tag you if you want. That way you can see 🙂 But, if you want to see an old print, here is a view of earlier work...
  13. Also note: For some reason that I cannot explain, I do get a bit of what I call PVA dandruff, but not a compromised support. I also do not use the priming tower when printing. That may be why I get the dandruff 🙂
  14. Huh...Well, it is good to have a cold pull just to be sure 😉. I have an S5 (early beta machine) and I do notice that if the fan is not running properly (maybe dirty or whatnot) it will do that. So, if the print you did afterwards did not take as much time, it may not have been enough time for it to heat up and create issues. Note that this is not the same as a clogged nozzle. Just bad heat creep that mucks things up. At least that is what I surmise about the fan/heating issue I have seen. I also am still on 4.4 (just got internet after about 8 months now and slowly knocking out thi
  15. Not knowing the slicer you are using, I would ask if the visibility of the infill is turned off.
  16. Errrr, vile = file. I do not type well these days. 🙂
  17. I took a look at the vile and it is really a mess. I could not fix it without basically rebuilding the file from scratch. There are voids with really hyperthin walls and it is also non-manifold in a lot of areas (the places that show up as problems) a lot of open edges and non-welded vertices that cannot connect.
  18. For lack of a better term, your support seems to be very ratty all around. Have you made a really good cold pull to make sure your nozzle is not clogging up a bit? It looks as if all your support stopped at the same layer and a lot of missing-ish places along the support. What slicer version are you using and I am assuming that is an Ultimaker printer?
  19. HAH! Beat me to it! LOL I type so slow these days.....and, @gr5 has a much more thorough answer 🙂
  20. Ummm...that was a long time ago. I have not printed with it since and cannot remember anything about printing it. As for the 3mm listing, if I am correct, a lot of materials that say 3mm are actually 2.85mm.
  21. There is also the issue of contamination in the printing process. It may be food safe going into the printer, but it may not be food safe after the nozzle.
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