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  1. Have to print something that's close to the printer limits again. This time I use cura 2.5 (tried 2.6.0 but this version is so buggy I had to go back to 2.5) In the mean time 2.6.1 is out, a few days after the release of 2.6.0 - as an "old" programmer, having a new version within a week of the previous release is a clear sign the previous one is crappy - I will try it soon... Back to the limits problem. Nothing has changed in the recent releases of cura - problem is stil there. Fortunately my old trick of switching to another printer and back still works in 2.5 (did not in 2.6.0) I have send my stl file to a friend having also an UM3 (bought it within days after I did some printwork for him) who sliced it without any problems with Simlyfy3D By the way this guy used cura for less then a week and switched then to Simplyfy3D and does not intend ever to go back to cura. 8) I am still willing to upload a "problem" stl file to support if someone tells me how.
  2. I am aware of that. btw I am happy I can turn off the skirt in 2.3.1 - in previous versions I had to switch to brim to turn it off. Can I somewhere load the file so you can check it?
  3. I have the "problem" since I have an UM3. Even if the size of the print is within the limits Cura does not slice - print too large message. I found a lousy trick to solve it, but don't understand why. Yesterday I wanted to print an object with the size of 190x190mm - no slicing... I installed an other printer (UM2+) and the slicing worked. Then switched back to UM3 and it worked also. But from the moment you reload the file you are out of business again. No limits were pushed, as the gcode file generated that way printed without any problems
  4. Besides this calibration issue, I noticed also: - on a material change the print head is no longer heated - material is cold retracted! Is this better or forgotten? - there is definitely a calibration problem. Since the update I have problems as described in the warped glass plate topic. I my case I have bad 1st layer extrusion at the back of the plate. Never had it before... It only happens when the print size is close to the limits of the machine. Did the Z calibration again several times without any improvement. (manual and auto)
  5. Have bad experience with disabling automatic leveling. I have set it to never - did manual leveling (actually did it several times after having problems) and could not get a good print out of the machine (bad adhesion to the build plate) - did once an automatic leveling after the manual one and everthing works fine. I think the firmware keeps track of the results of previous automatic leveling and uses them afterwards even if you disable it.
  6. Both were printed in PLA. The "good" one with an unknown brand (might be colorfabb as this is the one who printed it's favorite brand) Mine was done with Ultimaker PLA
  7. Since a few day I am the (happy) owner of an UM3. And I am happy, because all I printed till now came out as ordered. (all errors were mine, not the printer) Except one thing: accuracy! Before deciding to buy an ultimaker I had a test print made on an UM2 and was suprised of the accuracy. In the design is a slit for a credit card that should be 54mm and it measured 53.97mm - very good considered the print was done in the lowest possible quality (for time reasons) Printing the same STL file on the UM3 in normal quality measured 53.81mm! Almost 0.2mm smaller. (and the card does not fit anymore) As far as I can see there is no way to calibrate this. Or is there? Where do I look? The machines were different, but also the slicer versions of cause. (cura version 2.1.3 versus 2.3.0)
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