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  1. Hi Ultimakers. I have one question. In this moment I really thinking about move my workflow to ipad pro 2018. With using 3dshapr, umake xyz, forgerapp, bellus3d or Scandy pro may be full fusion 360 in future is possible create many models without using PC. But I can’t find full slicer which allows me generate gcode with full 3d print settings. Question is if ultimaker have plan make full cura for ipad? Thank you for answer.
  2. Hi, I mean green colour. My mistake. However printcore 1 is totaly new. Both feeders are clean. I know about abrasive materials but none was printed on my printer. I tried change change print order (green to PC2 purple to PC1) with same result. This mean that problem is not in printcore 1. I try increase final temperature and last layer looks better but still no ideal. Last idea what I have is that could be wrong something with belts bacause they are still original after more than 1 year old. Here are pictures where are show old prints (kingfisher) and today print (swallow). Swallow is not
  3. I using latest cura version. I try cura 3.1 with same results. All shells and printcores X/Y calibrate looks perfect. Problem is only on the top layer. Bottom layer looks perfect. I use only 0.4mm printcore and line thickness are set to defaults ?. Part is only 1.5 mm high and I use 100% infill. I try set infill to 20 or 0 with same result. Neosanding looks like ironing in cura. I dont need ironing because my prints are little bit curvy with minimal thicknesses (0.8mm) and ironing have problem with this shapes.
  4. Hi, I have problem with top layer on printcore 1. On the top layer I need perfect linetype surface (1 year without problem). But in last prints I have problems with big gaps between each lines (only on printcore 1) Firstly I try manual and auto leveling. Then I purchase new printcore, because this one is more than 1 year old. Still same problem. Please is here some ultimaker user which solve this same problem?
  5. Hi all ultimakers, After updating to latest firmware on my UM3 I have small problem during changing material. During feeding new spool I hear that feeder make small gaps (motor is stoped for small time). This is happend only during feeding new spool and during first extruding new material to the nozzle (both slow moves). On both feederes. I think that is no big problem but something is no good. Have you any idea what is wrong?
  6. VitR

    Project FLOLA

    Version 1.0


    Make a design table lamp electronically controlled. Change the shape of the lamp and light intensity according to your mood. Ready for 3D print - microcontroller Arduino - stepper motor - Joystick control. Full story on http://www.3lobitprint.cz/en/flola.html
  7. VitR

    3d House

    Version 1.0


    Hi ultimakers, Here is one of my projects which is made on Ultimaker3.
  8. Thank you much for replies. I have last question. Supporting PC, CPE+ and TPU on UM3 is depending on waiting for printcore 0.8mm or it is only cura software upgrade? Date of supporting these materials is same like 0,8mm printcore release?
  9. Thanks SandervG I have next question. WIll cura support printing with 0,8 and 0,4 printcore together? That means, cura must slice 2 diferend codes. (sorry I´m not expert). And same question is about 0,8mm AA and 0,4mm BB for PVA together. Thanks
  10. Hi Ultimakers, Is there anybody who can give me answere to date of release 0.8mm printcore? Q1 2017 is behind us and still no information about this. Will Ultimaker develop printcore for abrasive materials (nylon with carbon fibre etc.)? Thanks for answere.
  11. Hi All, I need print very strong parts from materials such as CPE+ or PC. I know that UM3 not support CPE+ and PC for this moment. But I have few questions. 1. Heating bed How UM3 can provide 110deg celsia which is recomended for printing this materials, when my UM3 can make only 100C? I use DIY door for closing print chamber. 2.print core When I try print (transparent CPE+) on AA core, I have many carbonize parts on final result. Support from Ultimaker means that for this materials will be release completely new print core for this materials? If is only about trying find good settin
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