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  1. Loaded 2.7 and so far no error message. The bug report says seven days ago, if I am reading it correctly. What is confusing is the report talks about having the SD card in the C. I have gotten the error with or without the card in C. After a reboot of C each time. And I have to reboot by switching my machine off, as the restart and turn off controls are frozen!
  2. Why would it just start doing this after being in use since the 2.6.2 came out?
  3. Error "Cura.exe - No Disk There is no disk in the drive." Been using Cura for a year, love it. This morning opened Cura 2.6.2 and got this error, can not stop it, won't open. Running MS10. Removed from drive and reinstalled from this site, still getting error. Thank You!
  4. Have been using Cura for 2 months no problems, other than the learning curve. Running Windows 7 Pro 32 bit. Have removed all Cura files from C and restarted the downloaded a fresh copy. Have tried reinstalling a fresh copy of Version: 2.1.2 32 bit and Version: 2.3.1 32 bit. Both have failed. Version: 2.3.1 Platform: Windows-7-6.1.7601-SP1 Qt: 5.5.1 PyQt: 5.5.1 Exception: Traceback (most recent call last): File "cura_app.py", line 61, in File "D:\2.3\build\inst\lib\python3.4\site-packages\UM\Application.py", line 310, in getInstance File "D:\2.3\build\inst\lib\python3.4\site-packages\cura\CuraApplication.py", line 173, in __init__ File "D:\2.3\build\inst\lib\python3.4\site-packages\UM\Qt\QtApplication.py", line 94, in __init__ File "D:\2.3\build\inst\lib\python3.4\site-packages\UM\VersionUpgradeManager.py", line 107, in upgrade File "D:\2.3\build\inst\lib\python3.4\site-packages\UM\VersionUpgradeManager.py", line 281, in _upgradeFile MemoryError
  5. Pretty new to Cura, have preferences set to drop to build plate, scale large & small models. Yet when I load a mm STL. from sketchup the model is so large I have to use select all to get the scale model routine. The build plate is outside of my view and I seem not to be able to get it centered in the screen. Time consuming is having to save the re scaled model and the restarting Cura 2.3 to get it centered on my screen. danke! merci! RJ
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