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  1. Then I will try to load it and modify the steps as already done and let's see if it works :) Is it already implemented with the olsson block speech etc? It was born for UM2 + therefore
  2. A small difference is also the crankshaft, much longer which requires a spacer of about 6mm What I would like to ask you if it is not a problem is because I replace the original(UM2+ fw) with tinker, I would like to understand the improvements it has so as to understand if I need them .... I don't know if I can explain myself...
  3. sorry for my bad english However I have updated from UM2 A UM2 + with separate pieces, buying tubes, feeders but obviously the motor I have used the one already present. The complete kit for Italy is too expensive so I only used the existing engine
  4. thank you very much for the answer. I have modified the extruder's steps for now ... and it's already changing there's more ? :)) I am impatient LOL """tinker marlin is much better than normal UM Marlin "" better then Marlin official uploaded with Cura 4.4 ? thanks :))
  5. Hi, I updated my Ultimaker 2 by retrieving the various pieces separately bringing it to the Ultimaker 2 + What I don't understand is why when I load the filament it carries the thread up to half of the tube .... Is it possible that the steps per mm have changed? is there the possibility of being able to change this value to understand what is not working or test it? Can you help me? thanks
  6. Hi CURVEN, All the files now I found on thingiverse because wanting to do various tests on which upgrades.the fan holders were made by a friend of mine who then sold me the printer :) here they are... Anyway yes I am also thinking to change everything and turn the bowden into a direct extruder with the 17 pancake you know? do you know if anyone has made this change? supporto_ventola_diego.stl
  7. Hi, I just installed an e3d Titan clone 1.75 on my ultimaker 2 as a last test before returning to the original condition ... Because of a thousand printing problems that is making me crazy LOL I wanted to ask you some tips on the system and on the precautions to be taken I have already configured steps, speeds, uploads etc by editing the fw 2.1 Marlin but maybe some notions or details may have escaped me Thanks a lot Manuel
  8. Hi, I made an extruder bowden with my friend and replaced the printer head (ultimaker 2 standard) with a 1.75 mm e3d v6 I modified as much as possible the open source marlin that I found online all along I wanted to understand if there are better alternatives and if someone uses the direct titan extruder eliminating bowden creates so much difference in the quality of the printer? speed area etc? Thank you so much and sorry for my bad English :) Manuel Bye
  9. Ciao a tutti, giusto per avere un confronto a fini di miglioramento volevo sapere se qualcuno utilizza e può condividere il suo profilo di Simplify3d ad esempio per il PLA; Vorrei determinare meglio i parametri corretti riguardanti lo start gcode e anche le varie accortezze in fase di stampa. Grazie Un saluto
  10. Hello to all, sorry for my bad english .... but I have to use google translator I'm also interested to realize myself a ultimaker 2. I already have an original UM2 and would like to replicate it .. What I do not understand is why the file on Github there are 5mm and 6mm thicknesses ..when instead by measuring the original panels are all 6mm confirmed? Thank you and congratulations for the achievements in the pictures;) Thanks
  11. Ciao Dec, io ho acquistato una ultimaker 2 da pochi mesi e come prima cosa ho montato l'Ollson Block come hotend e sto valutando alcune migliorie presenti sul sito YouMagine tra cui il porta bobina con cuscinetto e alcune guide per il filo. Per ora il gruppo estrusore+hotend che vendono costa troppo per le mie tasche quindi non ho in previsione quell'acquisto.
  12. .json the file where is it? I have an original firmware loaded ...... how can I do?
  13. Dove è possibile controllare e modificare il gcode nella nuova versione di Cura 2.3.1?(ho una UM2)
  14. Hello, I read a lot of posts regarded on web but I could not figure out where to find endscript / StartScript gcode in Cura. I use Cura 15.04.06 on Macbook Pro and Cura 2.3.1 on iMac but i can't find it... Can you help me? I need to change the value in M207 - G10 reducing millimeters retraction at the end of the process Thank you
  15. Hi everyone, I'm Manuel, my english is bad..sorry I bought a ultimaker2, fine print and I am glad, however, I have a problem I can not solve .. When I click "abort" or when one job ends the feeder retracts the wire too many millimetri..e this causes a deformation of the wire inside the hotend that the next release prevents me from print, because the filament is too inside the pipe .. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4dvU64q8YdPODNrYUJmUjh2NFk/view?usp=sharing This problem prevents me from constantly print and forces me to have to pull out the wire, cut it and put it back .. Use "Cura"
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