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  1. Extremely disappointed about the extremely high price set by Ultimaker for the CC Red core. In my view that kills all viable and reasonably priced options for using abrasive materials on a UM3. Add to that the fact that Cura only allows selection of this core for the 5S, and it is clear to me that Ultimaker is no longer that open source / community driven and loving company anymore. It hurts to say this, but Ultimaker has just lost a great deal -if not all- of my sympathy as these recent marketing actions from Ultimaker are nothing short of a big ""f**k you" to customers like me wh
  2. Thanks for the information @Dim3nsioneer , I missed that page. I was not expecting a vital piece of information ("Extremely high wear resistance for use with abrasive filaments") being missing on the regular feeder webpages ? ). Certainly worthwhile considering to get me a set of those. And nothing wrong with ordering in Sweden direct I would think, would it?
  3. I have visited Bondtech's website, and though it looks promising at that price point I am surprised nothing is stated about wear and tear when using abrasive materials. Do you have first-hand experience with that combo and do you care to join your experience with us? BTW I am in The Netherlands.
  4. Thanks @SandervG for your reply. I was kind of expecting exactly that answer, so my next question was already in my mind yesterday: does Ultimaker not wish to increase customer satisfaction by making the feeder available for their UM3(+) customer base? In my view that would be a perfect way to create commitment with customers to follow Ultimaker's future path...
  5. Thanks for the information Sander, this opens the door to this question that most UM3 owners will have I would htink: will the new CC core work on a UM3(+) and will the S5 feeder be made available as an upgrade for the UM3+)? I for one I am very interested in using composite materials, but I cannot justify upgrading my entire UM3 for a S5 just to be able to print composites every now and again (I do have a need for that from time to time though...) BR Marcel
  6. This mystery is gone after I did another firmware upgrade to v. 3.7.x. I still have no clue what happened, but am glad I am in business again Thanks to all for your ideas, I very much appreciate that!
  7. Thanks for the suggestion, but I have already tried that before posting it here (FWIW: I have already tried all options available). The only way that I can get the bed to close vicinity of the nozzle is when I raise the bed using UM3's menu. All other options leave me with a huge distance, effectively rendering my machine as inoperative. Any other suggestions, anyone?
  8. Two days since posting without any reaction, is it time to get really nervous now? Anyone care to help me out?
  9. I am hoping the collective wisdom here can help me fix a problem that surfaced after upgrading the firmware of my UM3 to the newest firmware today. During the upgrade I noticed the motion controller received an upgrade as well. New f/w version is The issue I am having is that the distance of the build plate to the nozzle is well over 10 mm, which simply is too much to compensate for by the screws when leveling the bed. As expected, the Z-axis offset calibration did not bring success. It does not seem to be the limit-switch since I an raise the bed (using the printer-menu optio
  10. Probably not your intention, but your remark adds to the uncertainty, as I feel this is an "in the eye of the beholder" type of comment. Anyone from Ultimaker care to provide clarity about expected availability dates for the new cores?
  11. I can't really tell from the picture, my guess is that setting "Z Seam Alignment" (in Cura, under Shell) to "Random" will help (with this model setting this to "Back" will probably only move it to another place on the model) I would also try reducing the amount of oozing happening at start or end of printing a line. Maybe the experimental option "Coasting" can help as well?
  12. I had problems a few times getting the UM3 to print a model using only the second nozzle. I did not yet investigate this to find the root cause, but my gut feeling is telling me there is a little snag in Cura, since I never have an issue when I select the first printcore for bed adhesion. Again: this is a proviso observation. Maybe others experienced the same?
  13. Hi Bas, To me this sounds like the bed-leveling system making tiny Z-corrections constantly. The same thing (though not as imminent as in your case) kept me confused for quite some time before I could pinpoint it. There are some other threads around this subject that you can go see, f.i. https://ultimaker.com/en/community/33351-knocking-sound-while-printing .
  14. No they haven't been released yet, but I believe they will be made available to the public somewhere soon.
  15. Version 1.0


    Credit where credit is due: I found this fantastic design on Martin Hansen's website (http://www.mysupercharger.net) and decided my phone needs a supercharger exactly like this beauty Completely printed in Innofil3D PLA (white, grey and red). Photo shows test-fit as it came of the bed with a minor bit of sanding on the base and grey rods to allow assembly. (apologies for the crappy photo)
  16. It happened to me a second time just now: wanted to like, but instead clicked on Flagged (as inappriate). Is there a way to undo this? Maybe an idea to move that option as far away from the "Like" stuff as possible to minimize this risk?
  17. Yeah @fbrc8-erin, it definitely is the bed-levelling after all. As I wrote in my last reply, I had given the idea that the sound lasted throughout the entire print, which was not the case. Apologies for the confusion, but thanks for asking! I'm sorry, it looks like I missed the last response. I was reading the earlier one where you'd mentioned the clicking being ongoing. Glad to hear it's working well! Your helpful responses make up big time for being sorry about having missed a detail Thanks again!
  18. Yeah @fbrc8-erin, it definitely is the bed-levelling after all. As I wrote in my last reply, I had given the idea that the sound lasted throughout the entire print, which was not the case. Apologies for the confusion, but thanks for asking!
  19. Yes, Windows support sym links. For more information see https://msdn.microsoft.com/nl-nl/library/windows/desktop/aa365680(v=vs.85).aspx
  20. Version 1.0


    Came out pretty good for a first try with the Innofil PRO white. This test print was also used to test gradual infill steps. I used 40% line infill with step height of 1.2 mm, not being sure if printer could handle laying down the denser layers with too small a step height. It turned out that 1.2 was a bit much, I am confident that .6 will work just as as fine - will test that sometime soon... A tiny bit of stringing between the pillars and an occasional 'blob' where it started printing the outer wall, other than that I am quite pleased with this first result (just a little fine-tuning will
  21. There have been reports that USB cables were not seated properly, maybe something to check if that is the case for you?
  22. Did you check you extrusion? If you're over-extruding, the previous layer might be slightly thicker than what the software had planned, making the nozzle to drag over the previous layer.
  23. It took me some time, but i get it to work :-) If you want to print with two "foreign" Materials (as a dual print) and do the workflow Zwakie suggested, you'll get the following message from your printer: "This print job is not suitable for this printer - Err 26" So the printer will NOT start the job.... What you have to do is to cheat Cura and the printer :-) In Cura you have to pick up for the printcores one of the 5 Materials (eg. CPE) and modify it in the section "Material" on the right side - like printing temperature, build plate temperature a.s.o. so the it has actually the paramete
  24. I did all the things you discripted above on Cura / Printer. When i got the warning on the Printer and tried to ignore it, the Maschine didn't started the print!!!! That's why i began this conversation.... I see... I had the exact same thing once, it happened when I did not follow the normal material/printcore unload/load sequences all the way through the end (I did not -and still don't- fully understand the logic behind the differences of unloading/loading materials and printcores so I was experimenting a little to find shortcuts here ). My fix was to go through the cycle (one step
  25. Hallo @aeonium, Ja das geht über den URL http://www.xxx.yyy.zzz:8080/?action=stream (www.xxx.yyy.zzz ist die IP-Addressee der Drucker). Ist ein richtiges Stream, also viel besser als die (glaub Ich) 2 Bilder pro Sekunde die mann in Cura hat.
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