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  1. Extremely disappointed about the extremely high price set by Ultimaker for the CC Red core. In my view that kills all viable and reasonably priced options for using abrasive materials on a UM3. Add to that the fact that Cura only allows selection of this core for the 5S, and it is clear to me that Ultimaker is no longer that open source / community driven and loving company anymore. It hurts to say this, but Ultimaker has just lost a great deal -if not all- of my sympathy as these recent marketing actions from Ultimaker are nothing short of a big ""f**k you" to customers like me wh
  2. Thanks for the information @Dim3nsioneer , I missed that page. I was not expecting a vital piece of information ("Extremely high wear resistance for use with abrasive filaments") being missing on the regular feeder webpages ? ). Certainly worthwhile considering to get me a set of those. And nothing wrong with ordering in Sweden direct I would think, would it?
  3. I have visited Bondtech's website, and though it looks promising at that price point I am surprised nothing is stated about wear and tear when using abrasive materials. Do you have first-hand experience with that combo and do you care to join your experience with us? BTW I am in The Netherlands.
  4. Thanks @SandervG for your reply. I was kind of expecting exactly that answer, so my next question was already in my mind yesterday: does Ultimaker not wish to increase customer satisfaction by making the feeder available for their UM3(+) customer base? In my view that would be a perfect way to create commitment with customers to follow Ultimaker's future path...
  5. Thanks for the information Sander, this opens the door to this question that most UM3 owners will have I would htink: will the new CC core work on a UM3(+) and will the S5 feeder be made available as an upgrade for the UM3+)? I for one I am very interested in using composite materials, but I cannot justify upgrading my entire UM3 for a S5 just to be able to print composites every now and again (I do have a need for that from time to time though...) BR Marcel
  6. Version 1.0


    Credit where credit is due: I found this fantastic design on Martin Hansen's website (http://www.mysupercharger.net) and decided my phone needs a supercharger exactly like this beauty Completely printed in Innofil3D PLA (white, grey and red). Photo shows test-fit as it came of the bed with a minor bit of sanding on the base and grey rods to allow assembly. (apologies for the crappy photo)
  7. Yes, Windows support sym links. For more information see https://msdn.microsoft.com/nl-nl/library/windows/desktop/aa365680(v=vs.85).aspx
  8. Version 1.0


    Came out pretty good for a first try with the Innofil PRO white. This test print was also used to test gradual infill steps. I used 40% line infill with step height of 1.2 mm, not being sure if printer could handle laying down the denser layers with too small a step height. It turned out that 1.2 was a bit much, I am confident that .6 will work just as as fine - will test that sometime soon... A tiny bit of stringing between the pillars and an occasional 'blob' where it started printing the outer wall, other than that I am quite pleased with this first result (just a little fine-tuning will
  9. Two excellent posts with loads more detailed info and settings Zwakie... thumbs up! Thanks @Artiz, to learn and share, that's the spirit we all need hu? I'll be sharing future test experiences as they come along, PolyFlex is next on the list (don't know when I will start with that, will definitely be shortly - for sure it will be fun tinkering with that stuff)
  10. There is a search (top right) but it doesn't work all that well so your better of just using google..... Thanks Arjan for pointing that out, I mistakenly thought that was a search function for the site itself; I did not realize it would yield results from the forums as well. And yeah, GIYF:)
  11. Maybe I am completely overlooking it, but I miss a Search function. In my view it would be very convenient to be able to do a global search across all forums.
  12. Update: I have successfully printed 5 low prints without any warping or curling and just using a 10mm inside and outside brim. Model was appr. 17cms x 12cms square and 7.5mm high having not much more than a 2.5mm walls and 6 appr. 1.5cm2 insets of irregular shape. No fillets of cambers anywhere in the model. I thought this a good suspect to get warping, especially on the one long end where there was no inset at all and the wall made a a sharp 90 degree turn), but to my surprise it sticked to the bed really good. Bed: buildtak @ 85C (lightly sprayed with 3DLac) / Nozzle 255C / Speed 35mm/se
  13. Never having worked with PC, I have read this and the other post about the Polymaker PC-MAX with great interest, and decided to start my first tests using your findings about temps, raft, flow% etc. I would like to share my findings with others because my sweet spot has some settings that are a bit "differnet" . First prints were a big disappointment: blobs, stringing and what more. On the positive side I have to mention that I have not seen any warping, I use the Buildtak in combination with 3DLac, this combo made taking the print of the plate quite easy too. After quite a bit of testing, I
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