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  1. I would suggest ABS Filament from RS. I think they sell rebranded Filaments from Dutch Filaments.... Dutch Filaments in return supply Ultimaker as well i guess.... but maybe thats wrong. However: RS also sell so called M-ABS.... again from Dutch Filaments it's easy to print and more easy to get strong Parts out of, I would prefer it over standard ABS.... but its around in only a few translucent colours
  2. Thank you! Now it's ok the "Towers" are gone. ?
  3. Hi. Since I didn't found anytihg regarding this i thought i may ask. If anyone already created a topic adressing this you may put a Link here and this could be Closed. My problem is that there is Support generated where it is complete and utter nonsense As you see i want the Holes to be supported because i like to Print Nylon as Hot and Fast as it gets in order to get strong Parts. If they warp a bit its not that bad because i machine them anyway. But somehow these "Support Towers" appear. They are annoying because i use Z-Hop and Retraction wit
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