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  1. This printer is not made to print Ninjaflex. Get a printer with direct extruder ..
  2. My recommendation is: get another printer.. seriously .. i had to much trouble printing flex on the ultimaker.. it is the best printer for rigid materials. TPU is ok, but TPE is not ok..
  3. Hi, i´m printing with a 0.6 noz and 0.3mm height. Print speed depends on the model, between 12 and 40mm/s .. temp is 230 and 80 bed. Using a bit of glue stick on the bed. Using the TPU preconfiguration and run the modification on top.. don't use it too hot, looks that the print gets bad if it is rather too hot or under extruded. But in the end, much easier to print, compared to ninjaflex..
  4. Did everything like described before. Everything works out but if i press the print button, says thank you and nothing happens at the octoprint server.. any ideas?
  5. Hi guys, after a while i found your conversation, and i think I've found a solution. I'm printing on an UM2+, upgraded from UM2. I#m using NinjaFlex and Semiflex. I've had a lot of trouble printing it. Sometimes the tube was not clean enough (old strings of ninjaflex) or simply there was not enough pressure by the extruder. Then it cam out ok, with a bit under-extrusion. My settings are 134 celsius nozzle, 70deg bed. Then i went to Cura and changed the nozzle to 0.6 coming from 0.4. The result blow we away after i changed everything to an multiplier of the nozzle size. Retraction off, fans off, everything at 30mm/s. So this means i'm printing layers at 0.3, shell at 1.2 cause nozzle is 0.6. I don't know maybe i never read the right page in the manual, but this changed drastically the printed result. Also semi flex (TPU95) is much easier than Ninjaflex (TPU85) which in my opinion is simply to elastic for the overall construction.
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