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  1. I still find it unbearably slow. the loading of the interface drags on.. and loads pieces at a time. hit "slice" and it does nothing for up to 30 seconds then starts slicing. I still use it as it has some of the best features but man it's the only slicer (geesh only app period) that drags like this... I have continued to remove large amounts of wasted add-ons and profiles which help a lot, but still a drag to run. version 3.4 has improved it a bit.. but still slow
  2. LOL, that funny as hell! It was early morning and I was rushing out to work,.. ya,.. that's my excuse .. ya,.. sticking to it cura copy.log
  3. OK, playing with 3.3- Mac OSX 10.13.4 constantly getting the "Unable to slice" feedback. But then sometimes, 20-30 seconds later it just starts slicing..? Also, Still a rather major lag in hitting the "prepare" button and anything happening, slicing or not. Last time I just counted in my head, and was like 20-25 seconds from hitting the button to getting feed back from the program. cura copy.log
  4. haven't done much with it yet, but I got to say, the font is nicer, just easier to read! I'll play more later today
  5. not sure what's different, but just downloaded 3.2, and the whole thing seems to run a large boatload better!! no spinning beach balls at all,, input is instant, tabbing down now actually functions properly!! What ever ya did, thanks and GREAT JOB GUYS!!!
  6. ya, like Furdterguson, that doesn't help... Sad, I really want to play with some of the new experimental stuff. :/
  7. OK, folded all closed but the one I would adjust. no difference.
  8. Well, at least you're being honest. I kicked back to 2.6 and it's at least usable. If I can be any help let me know. Not super geeky, but nor am I clueless either soooo... guessing you already know, but it does generally spike both processors every time.
  9. .??? I'm guessing you mean close easy tab? Umm then you can't adjust them.
  10. I noticed this happening some in Cura 2.X versions, but now with version 3 it's to the point where Cura is literally unusable. :/ sad as it's my preferred slicer. I'm seeing posts of others where it's crashing and such, or just hanging. Seems to not be just a Mac or Windows thing either and both sides I see posts for. anyone have a clue? is there something we can do quickly or at least temp to cure this issue s we can continue to slice with it? I got kinda frustrated during the recording if you can't tell... here is a link to a video I quickly recorded to show what exactly it's doing... Spinning beach ball and Cura https://youtu.be/OZrXvlYCnZ8
  11. Again a nope. Settings can depend on other settings. So certain changes can trigger a large number of other updates. For some reason not all machines handle that as gracefully. Hiding some settings that you don't use should speed this up. Hiding setting has zero effect on the beach ball spinning. it does it even in the basic startup simple window with just the 2 or 3 controls. It's actually why I went hunting and discovered the start up speed thing deleting files. It does make sense, but even changing things that should have zero effect on others sends it into spring hell. Often can't even like change a temp setting as it goes into spinning for each and every input. want 220º? delete old (spin) type 2(spin) type 2 (spin) type 0 (spin) then when I scroll it spins once more. I get it's trying to pre set everything, but I wish it would stop, let me do my inputs and when I hit the "slice" button actually do the calculations and stop wasting it and my time during input. does that make sense?
  12. ya, but no... it's still doing the spinning beach ball either way. :/ thinking it's a graphic card/engine thing.. but I don't see hoe the limited interface needs such high draw on graphics .. it's rather monotone and simple (which I like by the way)
  13. Cool! thanks for the extra info! looking forward to the update.. I have another rather major issue though, which seems to be getting worse with each new update and getting to the point Cura is nearly un usable.. the stupid spinning beach ball ever single time I adjust a setting!! I understand it's partially my older computer and slower/limited graphic engine (guessing here though) but honestly there isn't anything all the high demanding that Cura should be doing in that area.
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