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  1. Hey all, I've been using my ultimaker 3 for the last year or so and loving it, but I just got a Formbot T-Rex 2+ and have been using Cura 15.04.6. I'd like to use Cura 2.7 (or 3.0 now) with both machines. I'm still pretty G-Code illiterate. So, I could use some help setting up 2.7. When I add a new printer, there's a section for start/end g-code. I see those settings on the 15.x.x version, and assume I can just cut and paste that into the 2.7, but 2.7 also has g-code start/end for extruder 1 and 2. I have no idea what to put there, or where to find that on 15.x.x. Any help would
  2. Hey all, Brand new to 3D printing. Is there a maximum run time on an Ultimaker 3? Like don't run it for more than 24 hours straight? I have several projects I'm working on, and don't want to burn out or damage my printer. Thanks!
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